Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My love/hate relationship with Chicago

Reasons I hate Chicago:
1) I hate cities.
2) I hate suburban sprawl.
3) I hate hate hate the traffic.
4) I hate how Oak Park has turned into traffic-calming condo land.
5) Being at home with family can be stressful (uh, hi mom, hi dad, love you!)
6) Natalia lives far from me and is too busy working her high-powered law firm job.

Reasons my day in Chicago made me, for the first time ever in my life, actually consider living here someday:
1) I actually know where the hell I am going, unlike the 8,256 other places I have been in this country in the past month.
2) I got to go to the Green City Market., where only regional farms that do sustainable/organic farming sell their produce/freshly home milled grains/yummy cheese/fabulous prepared food, etc etc.
3) Getting locked out of my car... oh wait, not so much that. Although AAA came in 15 min and I got to sit in Lincoln Park across the street while waiting.
4) My favorite store in the entire world (I do not exaggerate), Village Discount! The one I normally go to was closed, so I visited the one on North Clark St. Village Discount, you see, in addition to being the most fabulous and cheapest thrift store in the history of the world, also has multiple locations in the city. And, if it is even possible, this new location is about 10 times better than my old favorite... starting with the fact that the floor is actually finished, instead of the rather medieval nonlevel concretey affair in the Halstead store. And it was air conditioned. And I might actually consider bringing my purse into the store with me. (I had it stolen out of the Halstead store before... still my favorite store, I swear!) See below for more on VD. Yes, yes I am still talking. I love VD.
5) I got to frequent the Lincoln Park Whole Foods, which has the best bulk selection ever. I'm going to have the best homemade trail mix I-90 has ever seen.
6) Taste of Chicago! Happening at the same time I'm home! Food as far as the eye can see, teeming masses, severe heat and humidity, what's not to like? Actually the masses were much less teeming than ever, and it was shockingly cool out this evening (yes, 80+ is considered cool by Chicago summer standards). Again, see below.
7) Unloading presents on my parents and showing them all 318 of my road-trip-so-far pictures.

Supplementary lists:

Things I bought at Village Discount, for a total of $18.50. And nothing was half price, which it usually is: 4 pairs of pants, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 4 shirts. All looking like they came off the rack yesterday, all from such places as Old Navy, Ann Taylor loft, etc.

Things I ate at the Taste (and no, I did not gorge myself to the point of immobilization as in previous years, which Richard no doubt will be shocked to hear.):
Rice pudding with persimmons and cranberries
Red beans & rice with plantains
Vegetarian tamale
Plantains with garlic sauce
Corn on the cob with celtic seasoning
Toasted Ravioli
Frozen chocolate covered banana

In conclusion, Chicago = using its power mostly for good rather than evil, me = rambly and should be packing to drive back east early tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I also have spent the last day being pampered, in Lauren's beautiful big house here in Minneapolis. I sped into town on top of a giant thunderstorm last night around 8:30, and by 9 Lauren's mom and I already had a quiche in the oven. What a lovely lovely change from driving/hotels. Addie (dog) is keeping me company this morning while Lauren's mom works and her sister is out doing last minute prep for her time abroad in Germany.

I had a chance to update some more pictures... enjoy this West Coast Pictoral Retrospective. I also got smart and figured out how to add a permanent link to all the pictures... check it out on the right side. (Or bottom for some people's screens).

I'm off to Chicago tonight. The weather didn't decide to let up just for my arrival... top headline this morning: Heat worsens air quality in Chicago. My allergies are tingling in anticipation.

So. Very. Sleepy.

It's nearly 2 a.m. and for some reason (translation: it's taken me until now to figure out how to smash everything I brought and all my new purchases into my luggage in such a manner that the zippers actually function) I'm still awake. I don't have the time or the energy to do justice to our fabulous 24 hours in Bainbridge with Sandy, who was at her parents' for her birthday, eating pureed green beans and cream of wheat like a champ after having her wisdom teeth removed on Friday. Suffice it to say that not much could have been better than getting pampered and fed incredible meals in quite possibly the loveliest house with the prettiest gardens in the greater Seattle area. Sunday's highlights included giant grilled salmon feast, painfully good chocolate mousse, two episodes of "The Gilmore Girls," and seeing a blue heron rookery in the woods. Today Sandy's lovely mother made us another giant feast, this time of the omelet and hash brown variety, and we played this excellent game, which included such gems as West Germany and the USSR.

And now we're at Richard's house and we should be asleep and we're taking the ferry at 6:00 pm tomorrow and I'm moving to Alaska for four months and that's wacky. I think I need my bed now. More from me this weekend!!!!! Love, K

Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm in the money...

Unlike someone we know, I do not make it a habit to, unsolicited, overshare details of my financial status with anyone and everyone, but I just checked my bank account and I had to include this latest deposit:


My reimbursement for unused time off, which until recently I had no idea was coming. Sweet. Of course, my credit card bill this month already surpasses that and the billing period isn't even over yet. Time to go back to being a poor student. And then a poor poor teacher in South America.

End of financial rambling.

On a related note, it's starting to sink in that when I return I am unemployed. Goodbye Homeroom. Hello, stress-free life. But those kids do take some some damn cute pictures!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Things I've done in the past 24 hours

1. Watched "Clueless" projected onto a giant screen in the park as part of Gay Pride Weekend festivities (yeah, we didn't get the connection either... I suppose Christian's gay, but really that's a tangential sideplot at best).

2. Slept in a bed for the first time in 17 days without Rebecca... so very lonely...

3. Heard Richard's mom's bell choir play "God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending" (aka 81t) in church this morning.

Now we're off to spend the night with Sandy! Time to practice taking the ferry so I know what 3 days of it will feel like...


My drive yesterday: most of Oregon, the shockingly beautiful Idaho panhandle (I know I know, I'm eating my words...) and Montana at night. I'm talking 3 hours of pitch black, just like the postcards that say "Montana at night" and are entirely black. I passed the Continental Divide, and what appeared to be extensive winding mountain roads, which would probably have been gorgeous were I able to see one inch beyond the side of the road. Good times.

Of course I got a late start on the 10+ hour drive since it involved tearing myself away from my Alaska bound other halves. Good thing my hotel was happy to leave the key for me in the mailbox. Gotta love Montana.

And damn PBS for not having commercials... I couldn't bring myself to turn off this excellent documentary (The Education of Shelby Knox) and go to bed. So another late start today. Eh, what's new.

Now, off to Yellowstone!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

1st stop Salt Lake City / Big Springs, Laramie looking mighty pretty...

(I've been waiting to use that line ever since Utah... we were on I-80 for about 20 minutes, so it's only sort of cheating. But of course we had to listen to that song. D&T were followed by our mid-'90s dance party -- featuring such luminaries as "Jagged Little Pill" and "Before These Crowded Streets" -- which quickly died after I realized I'd left my Cranberries cd at home and R couldn't find her Nirvana tape. Oh well. Let's hear it for 1994-1998!)

Now comes the tragic hour when Rebecca must leave us. Whyyyyyyyy????? She's busy packing up her stuff and looking up motels in Bozeman. Sad!!!

That's all. Clearly I have nothing of note to write about. We're in Seattle being fed very well by Richard's mom; I get to see Sandy again for her birthday, and then our ferry leaves on Tuesday evening. It's a little bit crazy.

Okay, I'm off to spend some quality moments with my road buddy before she takes off for good...

Pictures and goodbye...

Since none of our pictures did it justice, I found a picture online that sort of captures the resorty fakeness of Breckenridge. Just imagine a whole town that looks like this street.

And now that I wasn't too lazy this morning:
Utah Pictures!

We've been too busy in the past few days to actually post real updates... This is the sad day that I part ways from Richard and KT, so I will presumably have lots of time in my lonely lonely trip back to Massachusetts to update all the pictures and reminisce.

Pictures for Linda!

Thanks Linda for your fabulous comments... don't let Matt scare you off. Just for you, I'm posting pictures from Colorado. Utah will wait until tomorrow morning. I think we did a good job paring it down, but there's still plenty of landscape in there. Enjoy!


Thursday, June 23, 2005

No burning heats by day for us...

Top story on "Searing Heat Grips Central U.S"

Portland, OR
Mostly Sunny
High: 76° F

Well, enough bragging: We're in the worst area of the country for allergies. Check out the pollen map for a big fat red spot right where we are.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Open letter

Dear Boise, Idaho:

You are truly the most godforsaken of all the hellholes we have had the misfortune to pump gas in. Please take your foul winds and circa 1976 gas stations and find a new country to become an insignificant part of.

Love, K

West coast!

Well, not quite the coast. And we didn't quite start on the east coast. So it's kind of a lie to say that we are going coast to coast. But we went from a state on the east coast to a state on the west coast, so that's not too shabby. What I'm really trying to say here is that we are in Oregon! After our day of "sleeping in" and "relaxing" in Park City, which mainly involved us walking many many miles up and down hills, we took off yesterday morning for our marathon drive to Eugene. We actually got here earlier than predicted, and the drive was beautiful, at least through Oregon where the highway runs right by the Columbia river for most of the state. (Sweet, Richard just gave me a package of bay leaves fresh off the tree from the Redwood National Park! Guess I'll have to cook up some soup when I get home.)

All that cool water was a sight for sore eyes after driving through The State Which Shall Not Be Named, with its evil smelly superheated wind. Eh, I'll name it. The two states which we wouldn't mind removing from our road trip, and perhaps from the US altogether: Missouri and Idaho. (In defense of those who may reside in lovely areas of said states, this is based on nothing more than driving through on the interstate during the hottest part of the day.)

So, we're off to take full advantage of the paradise that is Eugene: used bookstores, natural markets, vegetarian food. Um, can I just stay here? Just kidding... apparently some of you don't believe that I am actually going to turn around and come home. In addition to the attraction of singing and my TEFL certification class, I hate states that have mandated full service gas stations. Namely New Jersey and Oregon.

Coming soon: More landscape pictures than you ever wanted to see in one lifetime.

PS - Richard says hi.

Monday, June 20, 2005

In a blue house in Utah

I gave myself until 10:25 to post something new... that left me 33 minutes when I made the resolution, but I somehow squandered the past 13 and now I'm only left with 20 minutes to do justice to western Colorado and Utah. So here goes...

After leaving the generous bounty of Alex's hospitality and central air conditioning, our next stop was Breckenridge, one of the weirdest towns I've ever been. I'm still not convinced that the whole place wasn't designed by Disney, and we're pretty sure that nothing there (including the burbling brook that ran through town) dates from before 1997. Clearly I have much to learn about resort towns, but I might be legally required to get blonde highlights and learn how to snowboard before I'm cool enough to conduct further research. We were well cared for by Mary Paula & company, who made us grilled veggies and margaritas and gave us the use of their soft soft couch, thus unwittingly helping us along on our goal to sleep on something different everywhere we go (now we're up to bed, air mattress, futon, sleeping bag, mattress on floor, and aforementioned couch).

Yesterday we made a long, leisurely drive to Utah ("Look, Rebecca! MESAS!") with an extended stop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where the local country station broadcasts from a gas station convenience store and the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge (um, best name for a bridge ever?) is located. The 8-hour drive started in evergreen forests and snow-capped mountains, and ended in plains and scrubby desert-y hills... which is also sort of beyond my scope of comprehension. Today we slept till 1:00 (which means that, taking into account R's congested hours of sleeplessness this morning, I got about 12 hours of sleep and she got about 7... she informed me that it's my turn to drive for the rest of the trip) and then walked around Park City, another mildly frightening ski resort town but far more enjoyable than Breckenridge. And now that I've eaten sushi in Utah, my life is complete. We're going to try to hit the road as early as we can for our marathon drive to Eugene tomorrow, where we'll see RICHARD! and I can stock up on organics in preparation for the next 5 months.

Please read if you wish to feel better about your own intelligence: Rebecca and I left a big bag of delicious road food (dried fruit, nuts, etc.) at Alex's. Then we bought another big bag of food to replace it in Breckenridge. Then we left it at MP's. In conclusion, we should never be allowed to buy food unless we tie it to ourselves. The end.

It's only 10:36... not bad.

Mmm... allergies

So today is our day to sleep in. We're staying at MP's place in Park CIty, but she's off painting ski lifts in Colorado. So we're all alone, we have no plans. And of course, I wake up at 7 and can't go back to sleep. I'm a little too grouchy to actually come up with anything entertaining about our trip through Colorado and Utah, so I probably shouldn't be posting. Nor can I face the 5,270 landscape pictures that Katie and I took from the car in the past couple days - you'll have to wait to be bored to tears by those.

I am pretty pleased with MP for having a copy of Rise Up Singing so that I could look up the second half of the song about "I gave my love a cherry..." you know, the part that actually tells the answers to the riddles posed in the first half. Katie and I only know the first 4 lines, sort of, and not really the melody. Don't you wish you could be in the car with us to hear that over and over? Don't worry, we mostly stick to the really entertaining snippets of bad country songs. ( "What's a guy gotta do to get a girl in this town" "That's somethin' to be proud of, that's a life you can hang your hat on" "We had all we ever wanted, in that keg in the closet"... etc)

OK, before I digress further, let's try and have naptime.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dry, dry Denver

In my defense, I HAVE seen cows before.

So as R said, we spent Wednesday morning at the Little House on the Prairie site, which was completely awesome (shut up Linda, I hate you). At the gift shop, we waited in line behind a 13-year-old girl who had been to all the places where Laura Ingalls Wilder had lived except the museum in Mansfield, Missouri... pretty cute. By which I mean I'm totally jealous. Afterwards, we hit the open road and drove through Kansas forever, where we were NOT in fact picked up and carried away by a tornado, although I can't help but feel that that would have made my inaugural Kansas experience more complete. Lots of prairie, awful country radio, and wacky lightning storms later, we hit Colorado and reached Denver at 10pm, where we were instantly overstimulated by the presence of such novelties as street lights, traffic, and buildings.

My new phrase is, "Look, Rebecca! MOUNTAINS!" Alex has indeed been showing us a great time here, in spite of the relentless demands of damaged cells at her lab. Today we head a little west to stay with Mary Paula, then the final legs of our journey will be upon us, which involve something like 23 hours of driving in 2 days. Can't wait.

Love, K


More pictures for all of you to criticize...
Hot times in Louisville/Nashville

Apparently, with a free Flickr account I only get to make 3 sets of photos. So all less recent photos will be collapsed into:
Road trip archives

Lazy update

So, despite being continuously connected to the internet our entire time in Denver (thanks Alex's neigbors, for the free free wireless access...) KT and I have been rather busy actually doing stuff, rather than posting about doing said stuff. So I'll try to catch you up quickly, but it's awfully late and I spent my second wind uploading the pictures. After our Little House on the Prairie morning, we drove through most of Kansas, which, in addition to listening to excessive amounts of bad country music, pretty much went like this:
Katie: Ooh, cows! Ooh, windmill!, Ooh, you can see really far! Rebecca: Are we STILL in Kansas?
This entertaining exchange was interrupted by very nearly avoiding several classic prairie storm fronts, the first of which was threatening to produce funnel clouds any minute, and the second of which produced dangerous winds, frightening amounts of lightning, and mothball sized hail. (The constant radio storm warning updates: The storm will strike such and such random town we are about to drive through in 15 minutes, lightning is nature's number one killer, take shelter immediately, and so on...)

Needless to say, we hightailed it out of Kansas and hit the shockingly bright expanse of Denver on Wednesday evening. We've been crashing with Alex, who, like all our hosts, has just moved, in her case into a lovely apartment complex with giant giant closets, laundry, central air, a pool, etc, and we have a whole room to ourselves, with a real bed and everything. Well, mattress on the floor, but that's pretty high class by our standards. Despite having to kill cells in her lab, plug numbers into sample GRE math problems, and endure painful "peer education" moments in her physics class, she's been showing us a good time. It's 90+ here, but without the humidity it feels like nothing. Until the constant sunshine gives you splotchy sunburn because you clearly are incapable of applying sunscreen evenly.

That's about all the updating I have in me right now, perhaps Katie can take over in the morning before we head out into the bleak internet-less world. By which I mean visiting my wonderful friend MP and her grill, and then speeding through Utah and Idaho to connect with Richard in Eugene.

Again, love to all our friends and family, especially M and R.

Friday, June 17, 2005

To M&R

We love you and are holding you so close in our hearts right now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


That's right, due to the public demand for pictures (well, mostly from Linda...) I've finally convinced Flickr to successfully post some of the photos for you. The photo site is a bit too fancy for my taste, but you should be able to click through the pictures without incident. Warning: if you choose the slideshow option, you'll miss out on the lovely prose of my descriptions. Enjoy!!


On the Road

Look how loud I have to yell!

Here we are in Independence, Kansas, in a hotel room with one of those massive beds that looks like it has about six mattresses hidden side by side under the sheet... the front desk clerk kept reminding us that we're welcome to a rollaway if we want one, but I'm not sure we'll even be able to SEE each other from opposite sides of the bed.

An unprecedented two updates on the same day! What is this world coming to?! This is our one hotel night on the road, and we're living it up by strewing massive piles of clothing and food everywhere and taking advantage of the free high-speed (I use the term "high" loosely, but it's high enough for us) internet connection. When R gets out of the shower she's going to re-attempt to put together some of our photos so that all your voyeuristic needs can be met... stay tuned...

We had an endless drive down 44 through Missouri today, which was marginally more interesting for the one of us who'd never been to the Midwest than for the one of us who's from there. Based on nothing really except our drive down the interstate, Missouri, for all its Midwestness, seemed like vaguely familiar terrain... some farm fields, lots of deciduous trees, and the Ozarks are more or less what I'm used to as far as mountain-heights are concerned. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, which meant the sun was about 23948729 degrees, but it was absolutely stunningly beautiful out by the time we hit Kansas around 7pm. The state-switch was almost comically abrupt; Kansas was all cornfields and farmhouses and everything L. Frank Baum had led me to expect. We even got to drive on actual roads without the words "inter" or "state" in their names, and we spent at least 40 minutes without passing a single McDonalds. Heaven.

Okay, R's all clean and ready to work some photographic magic, so I'll run off and spend some quality time sorting my clothes into piles ("Clean," "Wearable," and "Should not see the light of day until it's seen a washing machine"). Tomorrow we're going to the Little House on the Prairie museum, a reconstructed version of the cabin built on what was determined to be the exact spot where it actually stood. Perhaps you can't understand if you didn't spend every year from ages 8-20 reading the series at least once, if not twice, and fantasizing about a.) meeting Laura's descendants or b.) going back in time to live with her, but this will be a big day for me. I nearly had palpitations tonight when we drove over the Verdigris River. I promise to spare you the dull details, but I may have to share a picture or two. We shall see.

Love, K

Is Louisville the South?

So Katie and I are writing our posts at the same time so it's a race to see who will finish first. And how much we can bore you by probably writing the exact same information twice. I'm sure KT is already bragging about our visit to the most fabulous museum ever, The Country Music Hall of Fame. We may or may not have spent about 4 hours there yesterday during our day trip to Nashville, which included such highlights as:

- Seeing Elvis' incredibly blinged out car. I'm telling you, 50 Cent has nothing on him. It had a gold plated TV! And a paint finish made out of crushed diamond and fish scales!

- Having our picture taken by / taking the picture of the only Asian cowboy-attired country fan in attendance.

- Purchasing an abundance of souvenirs, including the first real biography of the Carter family which I buried in the trunk to prevent me from sitting down and reading all of right now.

- Oh yes, and the music. Mmm... the music. Katie and I were wary and prepared to skip whole floors that had the potential to feature the horrible horribleness that passes for "country" music these days. Fortunately, we were pleased to find that the museum's curators share our healthy appreciation for "the good old days". Like the enterprising pioneer who constructed a banjo out of gopher skin... mmm... hairy.

That pretty much covers our time here in Louisville. Oh, wait... Louisville. Right. We've had an excellent time crashing with Ruth for 3 nights, which may be our longest stay anywhere! Thanks for putting up with us! Actual Louisville highlights include:

- Visitng the "Falls of the Ohio" park across the river in Indiana, which purports to be an actual park but is actually a wasteland created by flooding from the dams which have now replaced any actual falls. Consider yourselves warned.

- Stepping in lots of mud. On numerous occasions. Including at a rest stop. I'm awfully good at it.

- Taking a 2 hour walk through Ruth's neighborhood and park, which IS a lovely park.

- Sleeping on the floor of Ruth's as yet unfurnished apartment! We're trying to see how long we can go without repeating a type of bedding. (So far we've had: bed, futon, air mattress, and floor.)

I think that really does cover our stay in Lousville, I've rambled on enough, and we'd better get to actually using our internet time constructively, say, to actually plan the next leg of our trip. We're really good at that whole planning in advance thing. Right. We send our love back to all of you, and someday postcards too!

PS: Sorry, the whole picture thing still not happening. Picture bonanza coming soon!
PPS: Mom, your post didn't actually take, I don't think. And if I ever want to be set up with a chef, I'll try to find one in a city I actually live in. But thanks anyway.


(R and I are posting simultaneously and seeing who finishes first. My money's on her.)

So we had a fabulous time in Nashville yesterday. We spent not one, not two, not three, but FOUR hours at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, our new favorite place in the United States, and the best thing I learned all day was that Elvis Presley's "Solid Gold" cadillac was painted with 40 layers of a mixture of fish scales and crushed diamonds. There's really no way to beat spending the afternoon with Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, the Carter Family, Earl Scruggs, Johnny Cash, and Jimmie Rodgers... my life just may be on the decline from here on out. (Oh, and Dad -- we saw an original manuscript of "He's in the Jailhouse Now"!) Pictures forthcoming, along with the elusive shots of the first part of our trip. Afterwards, we browsed Nashville's kitschy kitschy Broadway, ate cucumber and avocado sandwiches (hey, I AM half Kramer, how could I not mention what we had for lunch?), and walked along the Cumberland River. Then back to Ruth's for our last night on her living room floor. Highlights of yesterday's drive included passing the self-professed "MOST AWESOME FLEA MARKET IN THE WORLD" (like anyone could possibly know that, Napoleon...).

Louisville has been treating us extremely well. I even went jogging, which makes up my first and only session of physical activity since we left Massachusetts. (Ah, sweet sweet atrophy...). Ruth's neighborhood is all big gracious houses and gardens on ambling streets, and we've had very good times camping on the floor of her empty beautiful living room (have we mentioned that every person we've stayed with thus far has just moved?). Now we have to figure out which Laura Ingalls Wilder museum to go to (oh god I'm such a nerd), and whether or not we're spending the night in Missouri or Kansas, and how the heck to get to wherever we're off to. All before the money in our meter runs out in 15 minutes. Okay, I'm so out of here. Ha, I finished first!

Nota Bene: In our list of embarrassing television that we watched in Delaware, we neglected to include one episode of "Arthur" (the one where DW learns to ride a two-wheeler). Matteo would be so proud.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Some brief reflections on our day...

1. We were supposed to go to the farmer's market at 8:15 this morning. I was supposed to wake up at 7:15 to take a desperately, desperately needed shower. Then I was supposed to wake up R. Then I was supposed to make sure Sandy was awake. So you see how it was all hinging on me. Unfortunately, I did an extremely poor job of setting my alarm, and might have slept until 3:00 in the afternoon had R not suddenly appeared in my dream (a very long and detailed one involving Wheatly trying to offer me moldy bread in her kitchen) and exclaimed, "You have to get up! We have to get going! I just found out the farmer's market is 3 hours away... we'll have to leave way earlier than we'd planned!" This was enough to jolt me into awakedom, and I sat bolt upright and looked at the clock. 7:54 am. Clearly R and I share a spiritual bond whose powers I am far too pathetic a mortal to comprehend.

2. I've discovered how easy it for all of you to simulate your very own trip through West Virginia... just make sure it drizzles, then 2 minutes later it rains, then 5 minutes later it stops, then the air cools, then it gets brighter, then it gets hot, then it gets darker, then it drizzles... and repeat this procedure every 15 minutes from Maryland to Kentucky. And add miles and miles of beautiful rolling hills. Don't you feel like you were there?

3. Moment of bliss: Driving through the Appalachian foothills listening to "How Sweet to Die."

4. Things we passed today: The Ark of Security Church with a boat-shaped plywood skeleton out front and a giant sign proclaiming, "Noah's Ark Being Rebuilt HERE!"; a large industrial building that said JWI in red block letters; Shelbyville.

Now we're off to Ruth's! Good night...

Mmm... air conditioning and wireless...

Barnes and Noble is good for something I guess! So despite internet mapping difficulties, we have made it without incident to Louisville. We're getting some quality internet time in while Ruth is at a graduation party or something, the details of which we are very curious to hear. I have all these quality pictures which I was trying to put up, but am running into technical difficulties. And we can't promise that we'll have any internet in the next few days. In conclusion, we are the worst bloggers ever. Maybe if we see lots of comments from our public demanding posts and lots of pictures, we will be motivated to provide. (Hint, hint.) Ok, I think Katie wants to post too. She's more interesting than me anyway.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Louisville: The city that MapQuest forgot

Do you wish your internet-provided estimates of how long it would take you to drive from Baltimore to Louisville included, but were not limited to, 11 hours, 9 hours, and 7 hours? So clearly, our plan is to leave Maryland tomorrow morning and arrive at Ruth's sometime between 6 p.m. and midnight. Excellent.

Hello to everyone (finally!), and major props/gros bisous to Sandy for so generously allowing us to spend so much of our time here being antisocial on her laptop. We're getting up early tomorrow to go to the farmer's market, so I'll make this a short one... We've had a lovely (if swelteringly hot) trip down the east coast, and since Wednesday night we:
-figured out how to take the Merritt to Long Island even though our trusty directions didn't tell us to go that way, and became disproportionately proud of said "accomplishment"
-ate Asian cake
-changed the battery in my grandparents' smoke detector (again with the disproportionate pride)
-got lost only once
-watched episodes of: a.) Star Trek, b.) Mr. Rogers, c.) Full House
-attended our first mid-Atlantic sing and consumed our first mid-Atlantic potluck
-didn't have our car broken into during our first night in Baltimore (but we're not out of the woods yet...)
-went to see "Howl's Moving Castle"
-consumed crepes too quickly to even remember to take pictures of ourselves eating them

And now I'm at Sandy's desk staring at her post-its covered in math formulas stuck to the walls and thinking about how much smarter she is than I am. R and I have been slow-moving and vaguely stupid in this humidity... if only all our friends were distributed in such a way that we were forced to drive to the west coast via Nunavut and Yukon Territory. Mmmm, so close to the North Pole.

Okay, away to bed I go. We miss you all! Love, K

Still on the eastern seaboard!

Hi folks! Sorry to keep you all on the edge of your seats during this long period without any entries. We haven't had any internet access yet. Thanks Sandy, for the generous use of your laptop, which I am currently using within 2 feet of your air conditioner. It's nice and hot here in Baltimore. So far our "cross-country road trip" has consisted of much stopping down the east coast, with our longest drive lasting no more than 3 hours, and our shortest drive lasting about 5 minutes. Wednesday we finally got packed up and ready to go, had a lovely "lunch" (around 3 pm) on Long Island with Katie's grandparents, then stayed over in Christiana, Delaware, with my adopted mom and her funny cats. Yesterday we got to stay with Carly in her fabulous historic apartment and join the singing that she hosts at her place. Now we're enjoying Sandy's equally fabulous row house with the Marilyn Monroe room and Betty Boop bathroom. Sorry for the lack of pictures... as soon as I can get wireless internet on my own laptop I will post some fun pictures for you all. To tide to over, those of you who haven't become regular Mahoney's World readers can check out Dan's Blog for Watson Wants to Come, Part II. And I promise to make KT post before we leave here. Thanks for all your comments! We like comments!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sorry Watson, you can't come!

KT... I warned you not to give out the URL yet! Now people have gone and read my stupid testing blog. (But ooh, comments!) So, after much last minute packing, KT and I will be heading off in a few short hours. First stop: Long Island, for Chinese takeout with grandparents. Then Deleware by the end of the day. Umm... we really are going to exciting and far away places, I swear! Stay tuned! Love to you all!