Saturday, June 25, 2005

1st stop Salt Lake City / Big Springs, Laramie looking mighty pretty...

(I've been waiting to use that line ever since Utah... we were on I-80 for about 20 minutes, so it's only sort of cheating. But of course we had to listen to that song. D&T were followed by our mid-'90s dance party -- featuring such luminaries as "Jagged Little Pill" and "Before These Crowded Streets" -- which quickly died after I realized I'd left my Cranberries cd at home and R couldn't find her Nirvana tape. Oh well. Let's hear it for 1994-1998!)

Now comes the tragic hour when Rebecca must leave us. Whyyyyyyyy????? She's busy packing up her stuff and looking up motels in Bozeman. Sad!!!

That's all. Clearly I have nothing of note to write about. We're in Seattle being fed very well by Richard's mom; I get to see Sandy again for her birthday, and then our ferry leaves on Tuesday evening. It's a little bit crazy.

Okay, I'm off to spend some quality moments with my road buddy before she takes off for good...

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