Sunday, June 26, 2005


My drive yesterday: most of Oregon, the shockingly beautiful Idaho panhandle (I know I know, I'm eating my words...) and Montana at night. I'm talking 3 hours of pitch black, just like the postcards that say "Montana at night" and are entirely black. I passed the Continental Divide, and what appeared to be extensive winding mountain roads, which would probably have been gorgeous were I able to see one inch beyond the side of the road. Good times.

Of course I got a late start on the 10+ hour drive since it involved tearing myself away from my Alaska bound other halves. Good thing my hotel was happy to leave the key for me in the mailbox. Gotta love Montana.

And damn PBS for not having commercials... I couldn't bring myself to turn off this excellent documentary (The Education of Shelby Knox) and go to bed. So another late start today. Eh, what's new.

Now, off to Yellowstone!


  1. Bwahaha, score for the "Spud." Isn't Northern Idaho beautiful???


  2. Idaho is vindicated - yesssss! (not that I'd want to actually, you know, LIVE there, but it has its beautiful spots).

    Thanks for telling me about the PBS show, which I plan to tape - it re-airs here at 2:00 am Monday (tomorrow).

    Ellen (aka Mom)

  3. Who would have thought that Idaho would spark such heated debate? (In conclusion, Idaho is a state of contrast.) Next week's topic: Alaska. Good - or evil?