Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dry, dry Denver

In my defense, I HAVE seen cows before.

So as R said, we spent Wednesday morning at the Little House on the Prairie site, which was completely awesome (shut up Linda, I hate you). At the gift shop, we waited in line behind a 13-year-old girl who had been to all the places where Laura Ingalls Wilder had lived except the museum in Mansfield, Missouri... pretty cute. By which I mean I'm totally jealous. Afterwards, we hit the open road and drove through Kansas forever, where we were NOT in fact picked up and carried away by a tornado, although I can't help but feel that that would have made my inaugural Kansas experience more complete. Lots of prairie, awful country radio, and wacky lightning storms later, we hit Colorado and reached Denver at 10pm, where we were instantly overstimulated by the presence of such novelties as street lights, traffic, and buildings.

My new phrase is, "Look, Rebecca! MOUNTAINS!" Alex has indeed been showing us a great time here, in spite of the relentless demands of damaged cells at her lab. Today we head a little west to stay with Mary Paula, then the final legs of our journey will be upon us, which involve something like 23 hours of driving in 2 days. Can't wait.

Love, K


  1. It's not too late to turn around.

  2. You look so cute and Katie in that hat outside the cabin! Miss you, so very much. And good job dodging the tornados. Stay hydrated!


  3. Something I said?

    How can you already be so close to Portland? Drive safely, for crying out loud, crazy girls.


  4. MARY PAULA!!!!!!!!
    amsterdam makes my feet hurt.

  5. Love those vast expanses of prairie. A funnel cloud at least breaks the motonony. But have you seen any burdock? Driving through Kansas (without air conditioning) in July of 1976 I admired it and, when Dad informed me it was a nasty weed, I cried. Truly! It was the cumulative stress of 19 days on the road, and camping in the scarred me forever. Enjoy those mountains! And who are M and J?

  6. It may be a nasty weed, but the burdock root is edible. Remember that the next time you're in a survival situation.

    See y'all soon..............!