Monday, June 20, 2005

In a blue house in Utah

I gave myself until 10:25 to post something new... that left me 33 minutes when I made the resolution, but I somehow squandered the past 13 and now I'm only left with 20 minutes to do justice to western Colorado and Utah. So here goes...

After leaving the generous bounty of Alex's hospitality and central air conditioning, our next stop was Breckenridge, one of the weirdest towns I've ever been. I'm still not convinced that the whole place wasn't designed by Disney, and we're pretty sure that nothing there (including the burbling brook that ran through town) dates from before 1997. Clearly I have much to learn about resort towns, but I might be legally required to get blonde highlights and learn how to snowboard before I'm cool enough to conduct further research. We were well cared for by Mary Paula & company, who made us grilled veggies and margaritas and gave us the use of their soft soft couch, thus unwittingly helping us along on our goal to sleep on something different everywhere we go (now we're up to bed, air mattress, futon, sleeping bag, mattress on floor, and aforementioned couch).

Yesterday we made a long, leisurely drive to Utah ("Look, Rebecca! MESAS!") with an extended stop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where the local country station broadcasts from a gas station convenience store and the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge (um, best name for a bridge ever?) is located. The 8-hour drive started in evergreen forests and snow-capped mountains, and ended in plains and scrubby desert-y hills... which is also sort of beyond my scope of comprehension. Today we slept till 1:00 (which means that, taking into account R's congested hours of sleeplessness this morning, I got about 12 hours of sleep and she got about 7... she informed me that it's my turn to drive for the rest of the trip) and then walked around Park City, another mildly frightening ski resort town but far more enjoyable than Breckenridge. And now that I've eaten sushi in Utah, my life is complete. We're going to try to hit the road as early as we can for our marathon drive to Eugene tomorrow, where we'll see RICHARD! and I can stock up on organics in preparation for the next 5 months.

Please read if you wish to feel better about your own intelligence: Rebecca and I left a big bag of delicious road food (dried fruit, nuts, etc.) at Alex's. Then we bought another big bag of food to replace it in Breckenridge. Then we left it at MP's. In conclusion, we should never be allowed to buy food unless we tie it to ourselves. The end.

It's only 10:36... not bad.


  1. I'm posting this comment before reading your post.

  2. Dude, now that you've eaten sushi in Utah, your life may be over, nevermind complete.

    Perhaps I'm overreacting. Perhaps you didn't actually eat raw seafood in a large, landlocked state known more (much, much more) for its jello molds than for its Japanese cuisine.

    Did a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Mormon serve it to you? Are you sure it wasn't just a really small jello mold?

  3. I hope Rebecita's congestion improves! Come on Zyrtec/Sudafed, do your thing! (Ah dorky sympathy from her allergy buddy.)

    And wow. I thought I'd entered murky territory when I ate sushi in an MHC dining hall. I second Linda's concern.


  4. aw linda beat me to the mormon references. utah! i am so jealous. except i^m now in an airport lounge on my way to london drinking free beer and with internet access. so maybe jealous is the wrong word. nope, nope, it IS jealous.
    love you both to bits give richard a kiss for me