Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Is Louisville the South?

So Katie and I are writing our posts at the same time so it's a race to see who will finish first. And how much we can bore you by probably writing the exact same information twice. I'm sure KT is already bragging about our visit to the most fabulous museum ever, The Country Music Hall of Fame. We may or may not have spent about 4 hours there yesterday during our day trip to Nashville, which included such highlights as:

- Seeing Elvis' incredibly blinged out car. I'm telling you, 50 Cent has nothing on him. It had a gold plated TV! And a paint finish made out of crushed diamond and fish scales!

- Having our picture taken by / taking the picture of the only Asian cowboy-attired country fan in attendance.

- Purchasing an abundance of souvenirs, including the first real biography of the Carter family which I buried in the trunk to prevent me from sitting down and reading all of right now.

- Oh yes, and the music. Mmm... the music. Katie and I were wary and prepared to skip whole floors that had the potential to feature the horrible horribleness that passes for "country" music these days. Fortunately, we were pleased to find that the museum's curators share our healthy appreciation for "the good old days". Like the enterprising pioneer who constructed a banjo out of gopher skin... mmm... hairy.

That pretty much covers our time here in Louisville. Oh, wait... Louisville. Right. We've had an excellent time crashing with Ruth for 3 nights, which may be our longest stay anywhere! Thanks for putting up with us! Actual Louisville highlights include:

- Visitng the "Falls of the Ohio" park across the river in Indiana, which purports to be an actual park but is actually a wasteland created by flooding from the dams which have now replaced any actual falls. Consider yourselves warned.

- Stepping in lots of mud. On numerous occasions. Including at a rest stop. I'm awfully good at it.

- Taking a 2 hour walk through Ruth's neighborhood and park, which IS a lovely park.

- Sleeping on the floor of Ruth's as yet unfurnished apartment! We're trying to see how long we can go without repeating a type of bedding. (So far we've had: bed, futon, air mattress, and floor.)

I think that really does cover our stay in Lousville, I've rambled on enough, and we'd better get to actually using our internet time constructively, say, to actually plan the next leg of our trip. We're really good at that whole planning in advance thing. Right. We send our love back to all of you, and someday postcards too!

PS: Sorry, the whole picture thing still not happening. Picture bonanza coming soon!
PPS: Mom, your post didn't actually take, I don't think. And if I ever want to be set up with a chef, I'll try to find one in a city I actually live in. But thanks anyway.


  1. Hug...
    Send me pictures, I'll make them better, then rip them off and put them on my blog.


  2. Can you pick up a cowboy hat for me while you're down there? You wouldn't believe the number of times I wished I had a cowboy hat this year. Also, if you go to Kansas you need to check out the Kansas City Museum. On their lawns they have the world's biggest badminton birdie! It's huge!! It's kind of like johnny the advice bear but bigger!

  3. Hahaha, my roommate from first year actually works at said museum, and for Halloween won their employee costume contest by dressing up as a birdie. I have a picture of her in costume alongside the statue on my door.
    PS How long *does* it take to get from Baltimore to Louisville, R and K? Miss you lots.

  4. I don't think there is enough sweet tea or "Southern Patriot" stores in Louisville, so I guess it is not the south. But bless their bones, the try to be. :-)