Saturday, June 18, 2005

Lazy update

So, despite being continuously connected to the internet our entire time in Denver (thanks Alex's neigbors, for the free free wireless access...) KT and I have been rather busy actually doing stuff, rather than posting about doing said stuff. So I'll try to catch you up quickly, but it's awfully late and I spent my second wind uploading the pictures. After our Little House on the Prairie morning, we drove through most of Kansas, which, in addition to listening to excessive amounts of bad country music, pretty much went like this:
Katie: Ooh, cows! Ooh, windmill!, Ooh, you can see really far! Rebecca: Are we STILL in Kansas?
This entertaining exchange was interrupted by very nearly avoiding several classic prairie storm fronts, the first of which was threatening to produce funnel clouds any minute, and the second of which produced dangerous winds, frightening amounts of lightning, and mothball sized hail. (The constant radio storm warning updates: The storm will strike such and such random town we are about to drive through in 15 minutes, lightning is nature's number one killer, take shelter immediately, and so on...)

Needless to say, we hightailed it out of Kansas and hit the shockingly bright expanse of Denver on Wednesday evening. We've been crashing with Alex, who, like all our hosts, has just moved, in her case into a lovely apartment complex with giant giant closets, laundry, central air, a pool, etc, and we have a whole room to ourselves, with a real bed and everything. Well, mattress on the floor, but that's pretty high class by our standards. Despite having to kill cells in her lab, plug numbers into sample GRE math problems, and endure painful "peer education" moments in her physics class, she's been showing us a good time. It's 90+ here, but without the humidity it feels like nothing. Until the constant sunshine gives you splotchy sunburn because you clearly are incapable of applying sunscreen evenly.

That's about all the updating I have in me right now, perhaps Katie can take over in the morning before we head out into the bleak internet-less world. By which I mean visiting my wonderful friend MP and her grill, and then speeding through Utah and Idaho to connect with Richard in Eugene.

Again, love to all our friends and family, especially M and R.

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  1. The trip looks so fabulous! The pictures are great to have, and it's bringing back so many memories of when R and I were on the cross-country tour. There have been times this week when I really wished we were out there with you guys.