Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Look how loud I have to yell!

Here we are in Independence, Kansas, in a hotel room with one of those massive beds that looks like it has about six mattresses hidden side by side under the sheet... the front desk clerk kept reminding us that we're welcome to a rollaway if we want one, but I'm not sure we'll even be able to SEE each other from opposite sides of the bed.

An unprecedented two updates on the same day! What is this world coming to?! This is our one hotel night on the road, and we're living it up by strewing massive piles of clothing and food everywhere and taking advantage of the free high-speed (I use the term "high" loosely, but it's high enough for us) internet connection. When R gets out of the shower she's going to re-attempt to put together some of our photos so that all your voyeuristic needs can be met... stay tuned...

We had an endless drive down 44 through Missouri today, which was marginally more interesting for the one of us who'd never been to the Midwest than for the one of us who's from there. Based on nothing really except our drive down the interstate, Missouri, for all its Midwestness, seemed like vaguely familiar terrain... some farm fields, lots of deciduous trees, and the Ozarks are more or less what I'm used to as far as mountain-heights are concerned. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, which meant the sun was about 23948729 degrees, but it was absolutely stunningly beautiful out by the time we hit Kansas around 7pm. The state-switch was almost comically abrupt; Kansas was all cornfields and farmhouses and everything L. Frank Baum had led me to expect. We even got to drive on actual roads without the words "inter" or "state" in their names, and we spent at least 40 minutes without passing a single McDonalds. Heaven.

Okay, R's all clean and ready to work some photographic magic, so I'll run off and spend some quality time sorting my clothes into piles ("Clean," "Wearable," and "Should not see the light of day until it's seen a washing machine"). Tomorrow we're going to the Little House on the Prairie museum, a reconstructed version of the cabin built on what was determined to be the exact spot where it actually stood. Perhaps you can't understand if you didn't spend every year from ages 8-20 reading the series at least once, if not twice, and fantasizing about a.) meeting Laura's descendants or b.) going back in time to live with her, but this will be a big day for me. I nearly had palpitations tonight when we drove over the Verdigris River. I promise to spare you the dull details, but I may have to share a picture or two. We shall see.

Love, K


  1. Well, am I missing something? I went to check out the "Little House on the Prairie Museum" site & landed at a sex page. I cannot wait to read the next post! Have fun?
    (the other mom, N)

  2. Katie,

    Your Little House fixation makes me smile in an amused, affectionate, slightly perplexed, gently mocking way. If you could see this smile, you would tell me to shut up or that you hated me. That makes me laugh.