Friday, June 10, 2005

Louisville: The city that MapQuest forgot

Do you wish your internet-provided estimates of how long it would take you to drive from Baltimore to Louisville included, but were not limited to, 11 hours, 9 hours, and 7 hours? So clearly, our plan is to leave Maryland tomorrow morning and arrive at Ruth's sometime between 6 p.m. and midnight. Excellent.

Hello to everyone (finally!), and major props/gros bisous to Sandy for so generously allowing us to spend so much of our time here being antisocial on her laptop. We're getting up early tomorrow to go to the farmer's market, so I'll make this a short one... We've had a lovely (if swelteringly hot) trip down the east coast, and since Wednesday night we:
-figured out how to take the Merritt to Long Island even though our trusty directions didn't tell us to go that way, and became disproportionately proud of said "accomplishment"
-ate Asian cake
-changed the battery in my grandparents' smoke detector (again with the disproportionate pride)
-got lost only once
-watched episodes of: a.) Star Trek, b.) Mr. Rogers, c.) Full House
-attended our first mid-Atlantic sing and consumed our first mid-Atlantic potluck
-didn't have our car broken into during our first night in Baltimore (but we're not out of the woods yet...)
-went to see "Howl's Moving Castle"
-consumed crepes too quickly to even remember to take pictures of ourselves eating them

And now I'm at Sandy's desk staring at her post-its covered in math formulas stuck to the walls and thinking about how much smarter she is than I am. R and I have been slow-moving and vaguely stupid in this humidity... if only all our friends were distributed in such a way that we were forced to drive to the west coast via Nunavut and Yukon Territory. Mmmm, so close to the North Pole.

Okay, away to bed I go. We miss you all! Love, K

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