Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mmm... air conditioning and wireless...

Barnes and Noble is good for something I guess! So despite internet mapping difficulties, we have made it without incident to Louisville. We're getting some quality internet time in while Ruth is at a graduation party or something, the details of which we are very curious to hear. I have all these quality pictures which I was trying to put up, but am running into technical difficulties. And we can't promise that we'll have any internet in the next few days. In conclusion, we are the worst bloggers ever. Maybe if we see lots of comments from our public demanding posts and lots of pictures, we will be motivated to provide. (Hint, hint.) Ok, I think Katie wants to post too. She's more interesting than me anyway.


  1. Show me the money (pictures).

  2. i am planning travel to louisville right now. and GUESS which of your mormon obsessed friends gets to visit salt lake city in october?!? scope out all the hot spots for me.

    love you both and thinking of you,

  3. Um, I can't remember what you guys look like. Maybe some pictures would help...