Tuesday, June 14, 2005


(R and I are posting simultaneously and seeing who finishes first. My money's on her.)

So we had a fabulous time in Nashville yesterday. We spent not one, not two, not three, but FOUR hours at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, our new favorite place in the United States, and the best thing I learned all day was that Elvis Presley's "Solid Gold" cadillac was painted with 40 layers of a mixture of fish scales and crushed diamonds. There's really no way to beat spending the afternoon with Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, the Carter Family, Earl Scruggs, Johnny Cash, and Jimmie Rodgers... my life just may be on the decline from here on out. (Oh, and Dad -- we saw an original manuscript of "He's in the Jailhouse Now"!) Pictures forthcoming, along with the elusive shots of the first part of our trip. Afterwards, we browsed Nashville's kitschy kitschy Broadway, ate cucumber and avocado sandwiches (hey, I AM half Kramer, how could I not mention what we had for lunch?), and walked along the Cumberland River. Then back to Ruth's for our last night on her living room floor. Highlights of yesterday's drive included passing the self-professed "MOST AWESOME FLEA MARKET IN THE WORLD" (like anyone could possibly know that, Napoleon...).

Louisville has been treating us extremely well. I even went jogging, which makes up my first and only session of physical activity since we left Massachusetts. (Ah, sweet sweet atrophy...). Ruth's neighborhood is all big gracious houses and gardens on ambling streets, and we've had very good times camping on the floor of her empty beautiful living room (have we mentioned that every person we've stayed with thus far has just moved?). Now we have to figure out which Laura Ingalls Wilder museum to go to (oh god I'm such a nerd), and whether or not we're spending the night in Missouri or Kansas, and how the heck to get to wherever we're off to. All before the money in our meter runs out in 15 minutes. Okay, I'm so out of here. Ha, I finished first!

Nota Bene: In our list of embarrassing television that we watched in Delaware, we neglected to include one episode of "Arthur" (the one where DW learns to ride a two-wheeler). Matteo would be so proud.

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