Saturday, June 11, 2005

Some brief reflections on our day...

1. We were supposed to go to the farmer's market at 8:15 this morning. I was supposed to wake up at 7:15 to take a desperately, desperately needed shower. Then I was supposed to wake up R. Then I was supposed to make sure Sandy was awake. So you see how it was all hinging on me. Unfortunately, I did an extremely poor job of setting my alarm, and might have slept until 3:00 in the afternoon had R not suddenly appeared in my dream (a very long and detailed one involving Wheatly trying to offer me moldy bread in her kitchen) and exclaimed, "You have to get up! We have to get going! I just found out the farmer's market is 3 hours away... we'll have to leave way earlier than we'd planned!" This was enough to jolt me into awakedom, and I sat bolt upright and looked at the clock. 7:54 am. Clearly R and I share a spiritual bond whose powers I am far too pathetic a mortal to comprehend.

2. I've discovered how easy it for all of you to simulate your very own trip through West Virginia... just make sure it drizzles, then 2 minutes later it rains, then 5 minutes later it stops, then the air cools, then it gets brighter, then it gets hot, then it gets darker, then it drizzles... and repeat this procedure every 15 minutes from Maryland to Kentucky. And add miles and miles of beautiful rolling hills. Don't you feel like you were there?

3. Moment of bliss: Driving through the Appalachian foothills listening to "How Sweet to Die."

4. Things we passed today: The Ark of Security Church with a boat-shaped plywood skeleton out front and a giant sign proclaiming, "Noah's Ark Being Rebuilt HERE!"; a large industrial building that said JWI in red block letters; Shelbyville.

Now we're off to Ruth's! Good night...


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  2. Matteo and I will get the colored pushpins out today to finally map out the "where in the United States are Katie and Rebecca?" summer fun fest!

    Did you ever make it to the farmer's market?


    A,C,M,L,V ---- JWI ???

  3. Okay, so I just created a blogger account thinking I needed to so I could leave a comment, and I think maybe I was mistaken. Apparently I now have a blog. And I don't want one. Anyhoo...
    Yours is the first blog I ever looked at! If you're ever wondering if I really love you, just remember that simple fact.

    Let's see... not much has happened since you've been gone. In case you missed it driving through the wilderness, Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges. I know you'll be relieved. You can travel on now with nary a worry or a care.