Friday, June 10, 2005

Still on the eastern seaboard!

Hi folks! Sorry to keep you all on the edge of your seats during this long period without any entries. We haven't had any internet access yet. Thanks Sandy, for the generous use of your laptop, which I am currently using within 2 feet of your air conditioner. It's nice and hot here in Baltimore. So far our "cross-country road trip" has consisted of much stopping down the east coast, with our longest drive lasting no more than 3 hours, and our shortest drive lasting about 5 minutes. Wednesday we finally got packed up and ready to go, had a lovely "lunch" (around 3 pm) on Long Island with Katie's grandparents, then stayed over in Christiana, Delaware, with my adopted mom and her funny cats. Yesterday we got to stay with Carly in her fabulous historic apartment and join the singing that she hosts at her place. Now we're enjoying Sandy's equally fabulous row house with the Marilyn Monroe room and Betty Boop bathroom. Sorry for the lack of pictures... as soon as I can get wireless internet on my own laptop I will post some fun pictures for you all. To tide to over, those of you who haven't become regular Mahoney's World readers can check out Dan's Blog for Watson Wants to Come, Part II. And I promise to make KT post before we leave here. Thanks for all your comments! We like comments!

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