Wednesday, June 22, 2005

West coast!

Well, not quite the coast. And we didn't quite start on the east coast. So it's kind of a lie to say that we are going coast to coast. But we went from a state on the east coast to a state on the west coast, so that's not too shabby. What I'm really trying to say here is that we are in Oregon! After our day of "sleeping in" and "relaxing" in Park City, which mainly involved us walking many many miles up and down hills, we took off yesterday morning for our marathon drive to Eugene. We actually got here earlier than predicted, and the drive was beautiful, at least through Oregon where the highway runs right by the Columbia river for most of the state. (Sweet, Richard just gave me a package of bay leaves fresh off the tree from the Redwood National Park! Guess I'll have to cook up some soup when I get home.)

All that cool water was a sight for sore eyes after driving through The State Which Shall Not Be Named, with its evil smelly superheated wind. Eh, I'll name it. The two states which we wouldn't mind removing from our road trip, and perhaps from the US altogether: Missouri and Idaho. (In defense of those who may reside in lovely areas of said states, this is based on nothing more than driving through on the interstate during the hottest part of the day.)

So, we're off to take full advantage of the paradise that is Eugene: used bookstores, natural markets, vegetarian food. Um, can I just stay here? Just kidding... apparently some of you don't believe that I am actually going to turn around and come home. In addition to the attraction of singing and my TEFL certification class, I hate states that have mandated full service gas stations. Namely New Jersey and Oregon.

Coming soon: More landscape pictures than you ever wanted to see in one lifetime.

PS - Richard says hi.


  1. But if you pump your own gas, you could set yourself on fire!

  2. And what of those of us who were born in northern Idaho, arguably the prettiest part of the world????