Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Emerging from hibernation with pictures!

After three weeks of action packed traveling across this amazing country of ours followed by several days of fabulous singing, my fundamentally antisocial/lazy nature, shockingly patient over the past month, finally came screeching back and just shut me down on Monday night. I'm easing myself back into life, after 48 hours of strict hibernation, during which my activities were strictly limited to laying in bed reading young adult fiction or watching DVDs, rousing myself from time to time to consume more food or make limited grouchy human contact with the Mahoneys. Tonight I got up the energy to sort through my pictures and update this neglected blog. Tomorrow I may leave the house.

Although the rushed trip back east wasn't quite as satisfying as the meandering southern route with KT at my side, it did feature such photogenic highlights as Yellowstone and Lauren's home in Minneapolis, and the previously mentioned Chicago best day ever. Check out the pictures! BEWARE: don't fall into the descriptionless trap of the slideshow option, as some of you who ignored my previous warning have done. I hereby find myself legally excused from answering questions about my trip whose answers are held in said descriptions.


  1. Superb, but next time take more pictures of Katie and Richard when you're driving across country without them!

  2. You broke Flickr! To quote:

    "Flickr is currently being worked on

    "We are experiencing technical difficulties, and are currently working on it. Thanks for your patience, and please check back later."

    Haha! And darn, 'cause I was excited. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fixed soon.

    (Post from Linda probably due about now...)


  3. i beat LINDA! i beat LINDA! and she's on VACATION!!!

    take that, housemate!

  4. Now that I'm back at work, I have PLENTY of time to read blogs and post comments!