Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Richard!!

Hey goober, what did you have to move to Alaska for, I always get to spend your birthday with you! I guess Katie will take good care of you this year.

A very special birthday greeting!


  1. Wow Rebecca, that's the best birthday greeting ever.

    Happy birthday Richard!!!!!!! Wish I could bake a cake wishing you, "Richar", a happy birthday. Congratulations on the job. (Sorry so late...stupid lack of internet access.)

    PS Hi KT and Watson.
    PPS Is Linda okay? Her lack of comments is kind of creepy.

  2. OK, I've never actually met Watson, but just from his pictures, I'm already totally in love with him. And I'm not even a dog person. You can see in his little face, though, that he has character and a sensitive soul. I like that in a person ... or dog. Do you think KT's parents will let me come over?