Monday, July 04, 2005

I almost forgot the pie

My mom wanted me to put up this picture of the pie she made the night of my arrival in Chicago, not having made a pie in a number of years and being very proud of it. It was mighty good, crust from scratch, berries from our yard.

Says the piemaker:

Please note that gooseberries are a regional food found mainly in the Midwest! Thereby justifying the inclusion of this lovely photo in your blog.

Thank you, m'dear.

Gooseberry Pie


  1. PIE?!?! You know how I love pie. They were selling slices of cherry pie on the ferry and I made myself eat one just to spite Richard who said I would be a fool if I actually bought it. Oh man, pie is so gross. But it always looks so goooooooooood...

  2. That picture of your mom with the pie is the cutest thing I've ever seen.