Friday, July 22, 2005

In defense of Juneau

I feel compelled to add a brief postscript to yesterday's post, just so you don't think it's all flea bites and torrential downpours 'round these parts. Okay, there's lots of the former. And and lots of the latter. But there are also days like today... Juneau decided to throw us a completely unexpected beautiful day (presumably to spite me for my complaining), and there is NOTHING in the whole world like a beautiful day in Juneau. Everything is incredibly bright and shiny and technicolor... frankly, it kind of hurts your eyes after all that rain. But it's a good pain. The mountains are insanely green and the sky and the water are intensely blue and the air is all clear and breezy and the sun is hot and the wind is cool and you can go walking through the little twisty streets past the funny little brightly colored houses with gorgeous overgrown gardens all clustered together on the mountainsides and also go hiking around old mining trails when Richard gets off work, and it's all pretty indescribable. So there. Now back to my regularly scheduled grousing about living in a rainforest. Love, K