Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Juneau in Numbers: A Quick Study

11 - days we've been here
5 - days I HAVEN'T seen a bald eagle
107 - stairs I have to climb to get up the mountain to my job after walking
30 - minutes to work
2 - trails we've hiked
5,000 to 20,000 - number of cruise ship passengers in Juneau on any given day
TOO MUCH - money we've splurged on organic groceries (you can take the girl out of the Pioneer Valley but you can't take the Pioneer Valley out of the girl...)
0 - times we've done laundry since Seattle
9,999,999,999,999 - average number of dirt molecules in any given item of clothing you'll catch us wearing
$100 - amount of money Katie/Richard earns in a week/day
9 - number of books I brought from the contiguous United States, including my Sacred Harp and the 5th Harry Potter in French (973 pages, my friends...)
6 - number of books I have currently checked out of the library
10 - average number of minutes per day I spend reading
1 - day on which neither R nor I is working in the next two and a half weeks
88 - number of points by which I was beating R in our ongoing game of Nerts
20 - number of points by which he is now beating me (zing...)
2.5 - sunny days we've experienced thus far
$7.50 - price of a jar of organic spaghetti sauce (see item #7)
9 - number of trashy Nora Roberts novels we discovered in our living room upon arrival

Don't you feel like you're right here with us? Love, K


  1. go ahead, guess...7/13/2005 3:45 PM


    BEST PRESENTS EVER. i might have to learn how to read all-sols so i can sing such gems as "unanswered yet? the prayer" (286). and "m.i.a. we hail thee"(111). and let us not forget the best in hymns-about-the-creepiest-space-travel-parts-of-mormon-theology: "if you could hie to kolob" (257).

  2. Did you give Jenna something mormony or something? Hie to Kolob indeed. I saw the postcard you sent her with pictures of Mormon places on it. There are some incredibly phallic columns in that temple. I mean, I know columns in general are phallic, but come on. All these were missing were balls.

    Praise the lord. Lots of love,