Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ok, ok, my program IS a little "intense"

My schedule today, typical of what everyday will be like for me for the next 3.5 weeks.

7:30: get up. hit snooze alarm several times.
8:30: leave the house
8:45: Arrive at school. As usual, I am one of the first people there and the doors are still locked, because the staff hasn't arrived yet. Since when did I become Early/Responsible Girl??
9-11: Team teaching real live ESOL students! I taught my first lesson ever to a class today!
11-12: Feedback from trainer/peers.
12-1: Lunch. Ate quickly, talked about macs and I-pods with Bryant, called my former employer to harass them to send me my COBRA information so that I can renew my dental insurance so that I can arrange to get my wisdom teeth out this summer (this is the 5th time I've asked them to send it, which they were legally required to do within 14 days of my last day.) and called my former landlord to harass him for my $500 security deposit.
1:05: Arrived slightly late after a bitter discussion with suddenly evil landlord.
Until 3:15: Review homework, learn stuff
3:15: "break" during most of which was spent filling out an evaluation form.
3:30-5:00: experience a lesson, "reflect"
5-6: group plan tomorrow's lesson
6-7:30: Observe an evening English class.
7:30: Do some classroom prep for tomorrow (eg. make a sign).
8:30: Home
Now - whenever: Write a 3 page "reflective" paper, write up lesson plan for tomorrow.
Possibly at some point sleep.

OK, flashback to circle time at Homeroom:
Hi: My lesson this morning went super well, I was really relaxed and felt all my supposed skills, honed during years in the trenches at Homeroom, etc, actually come through for me! My trainer said I have "excellent classroom management skills" and my classmate asked me how I stayed so calm. They were talking about ME! I might not actually suck at this whole teacher business!

Lo: My landlord trying to cheat me out of my security deposit. Before I thought he was just bumbling, but now I think it was all an act so that I would trust him. Too bad he's messing with the wrong girls here... I almost feel sorry for him, wait until Andrea and I and our parents are through with him...

Ooh, and another Hi: Coming home after Long Day to a place set for me at the table with a hearty homecooked meal!

Sketchy landlord: $500
Living with your friend's parents: Priceless


  1. The blogstalker is back! After a week back at work, I am desperate for distraction. I have read all of your recent posts, and I have commented extensively.

    I'm confused about your first item of the day. You pressed snooze AFTER you got up? If you don't mind a little suggestion, reverse that, and it might help with your earliness problem.

    I'm tired just reading about your day. Good luck!


  2. It is July 18th. Your most recent posting was July 13th. I have to go read a BOOK now to keep myself entertained for the remainder of my lunch break. WTF?