Sunday, July 10, 2005

Too cool for school

I sat down with every intention to do my homework. Which is when it comes in handy to have a blog, so that I can write this instead. What have I gotten myself into?? After 16 years of counting the days until I would no longer be a student, followed by a year of pointing and laughing at everyone unfortunate enough to still be in school, I have to go to school tomorrow. Of course, I knew I was signing up for a certification course so that I can actually follow through on my promise to move to Ecuador and teach English. And in theory I understand that "course" = school. And that school = getting up early and homework. It's the part where all of those things actually connect that I'm kind of still waiting for.

Ok, ok, here's the part where you all yell at me because I'm whining about a 4 week course while all of you are toiling in coal mines and such. That's why you start your own blog.

In conclusion, blogs are better than school.

PS I promise not to just complain about school. Perhaps soon I will have exciting anecdotes about school. And intellectual questions. Or... just wait a few months for pictures of colonial achitecture, rainforests, tortoises and coups.


  1. My sympathies, Rebecita. Maybe I'll start my own blog when I go back to school. I can write in it when I'm playing poker online.