Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bad News/Good News and other assorted updates

Here I am posting from the comfort of the beautiful home of my museum's curator and her husband, where we're taking care of their robotically perfect border collie and pretending that all their exotic plants and books are ours. (Her desktop background is a photo of the Gates in Central Park, which is making me very nostalgic for my NYC weekend and decadent free meal at Lidia's-Big-Fat-Italian-Table restaurant with Molly & David last February...) The biggest news is that Christina arrived safe and sound and craving ice cream (that's how you can tell she's safe and sound) from DC on Sunday and moved into the Flea House with me for 10 weeks, and R's in his new digs downtown. What else has happened since last I posted? Here are some of the highlights in Bad News/Good News format, just to keep things interesting...

Bad News: After a solid week of cloudless skies, the rain has rolled back into town.
Good News: I've unexpectedly discovered that I neither enjoy nor require sunshine as much as I always believed I did. Who knew?

Bad News: I've spent more than two weeks' salary in the past month on doctor's appointments.
Good News: I earn $100 a week, so really, er, it could be much worse.

Bad News: Paul Newman isn't actually secretly in love with me.
Good News: I dreamed two nights ago that he was. That's good enough for me.

R and went camping last weekend in a GORGEOUS glacial basin up near Granite Creek. You know you're in Alaska when you finish packing and start your hike up to the campground at 8:30 pm. We didn't end up finding a flat place to set up our tent until after 11:00, which meant that we got to see stars! Stars!!! Now THERE'S a sight I haven't witnessed in months, since I never have the gumption to stay up until it's dark enough for them to actually come out. We were surrounded by uninhabited mountains as far as the eye could see, which gave us that nice dark planetarium feel. Between the two of us, we've taken five (5) introductory Astronomy classes, and the only damn constellation we could identify was the Big Dipper (although maybe we've just been looking at the Alaska flag too much). The weekend involved another partial climb up another mountain (if you're assuming that THIS one didn't end up with me in tears, boy were you wrong!), more marmot-sightings, and Richard's consumption of nearly a whole stick of fancy salami in a 48-hour period (he proclaimed himself the only man to go into the bush and return fatter than when he left).

Things at the museum are good... our week-long day camp went as well as could be expected, and now I recognize small children all over town. C and I have been assigned the task of photographing the museum's entire textile collection, which means lots of old hats and shoes and purses have been manhandled by us in the past week, with many more to come. We're borrowing one of our co-worker's cars this weekend while she's on a camping trip, so I got to drive out the road and visit TWO malls (the Nugget Mall is both disturbingly and comfortingly identical to the Hampshire Mall, with just a few notable differences, mainly the stuffed grizzlies and timber wolves in glass cases scattered throughout the corridors) AND Fred Meyer. I'd sort of forgotten there was so much stuff in the whole world. I was so excited to see the Manischewitz section in Fred Meyer (Jew food!!!) that I bought two whole boxes of matzo, which I'll surely never be able to finish.

Any questions? I think that about covers it. Miss you all! Love, K



  2. Oh, Katie, how quickly you forget! We passed the stuffed bears in the window of Herrell's this morning. Just like Alaska.
    Doctor visits? Camping trips at night? Paul Newman? Ahhhhhh, robotically perfect dogs.....

  3. So Envious ! (camping, mall, not doctor!) When I suggested visiting AK, my family gave me a coffee table book of glaciers, and a copy of John Krakenhauer(sic) finding his old school bus. So glad the spirit of the New England Pioneers still lives. (And of the Mounties too, Rich)

  4. I just sent you a massive email, so I'm just commenting here because ... clearly, I have to. Duh. It's Sunday, it's after midnight (okay, so technically it's Monday), I have to leave for work in about 8 hours, it's time to stalk some blogs.

    BTW, the Brattleboro sing today SUCKED without you.