Friday, August 19, 2005

"But when that open road starts to callin' me..."

Here I am in West Roxbury with Ms BBH, I'm eating pretzels, and it's already 2:14 as I begin this post.

More to come, but check out these 3 new pictures.

I thought that after a month of nonstop driving, even going near a car would make me physically ill. Instead, I felt right at home jumping in the car for a trip to Middletown/Boston, throwing the cooler in the back with its trusty hat to keep the sun off, and cranking the country music. And I got a warm fuzzy feeling, thinking that driving will forever bring me back to June 2005. Not to mention, I laugh in the face of trips under 2 hours.

Middletown. Made my deposit at the bank, and only saw one Homeroom parent there. Walked to Homeroom to try to ambush Nat, my temporary replacement who has been known in the past to steal snacks from little children, and who now won't return my phone calls. Looks like they must have gotten back from their field trip early, and no sign of Nat. Saw another Homeroom parent and ex-Homeroom kid, Michael. (And his little brother, who gives me hugs and drew me a fabulous picture when he didn't even know me. Like all the younger siblings not old enought to attend Homeroom and know better, he's just seen all the toys and fun stuff and thinks it's the best place on earth. ) As I passed by, my trusty mechanic Steve came running out to chat with me, although he didn't ask me to marry him this time. In short: good old Middletown. I did talk with the receptionist at the CHC to try to track Nat down, and she started asking me about policies and such, and I could barely even make that part of my brain work anymore. And I just really did not at all care. Excellent.

Andrea's house. Is amazing. It needed a lot of work, but it was a steal for a lovely old 5 bedroom house in the up and coming North End of Middletown. You can see her just putting love back into every inch of that house after 30 years of destruction at the hands of Wes students. And I painted the kitchen ceiling! That was all I could do to help in one afternoon, but Andrea was just going to spontaneously combust if she had to face another surface with a paintbrush, so I think it was appreciated. I had to leave before we got around to putting the tile down in the kitchen, but I can't wait to see it. One whole room just perfect and ready to live and cook in. I took a million pictures of the house since Andrea can't put her hands on her camera at the moment, and I'll eventually get around to putting up the rest of them for your viewing pleasure.

I'm sleepy, so more on my grandfather (who is definitely all of 96, what was I thinking! I got him confused with his younger brother I think. And he also has an older sister. All 90+ and still going strong.) and other Boston highlights at a later date.

I'm going to Alabama in a week! Whoa! Hey Jenna, I think this means it's time for a mall trip...


  1. 1. The cooler's hat!!!
    2. Nat!!!
    3. Steve!!!
    4. LAAAAAABON!!!
    In conclusion, your post was one of contrasts.

  2. Wow, Andrea's house is impressive! Amazing what a lot of elbow grease and determination can do. Will she stay there for years or turn it around for a hefty profit? Maybe a new Donald Trump in the making...

  3. i have finally reached the tipping point, i think, where i have enough alabama clothes to not necessitate a frantic trip to the mall before each trip. i will however gladly accompany you should you want to go...