Thursday, August 25, 2005

Even more real content! Non-Labon related this time.

OK, now that I've told you everything you wanted to know about my grandfather, and then some, let's see what else I've been up to. My time in Boston, while also starring some excellent meals, was really just the next installment of "my life as Katie." I spent much of Friday and Saturday hanging out with Katie's 3 best friends from high school, who are all moving in together in Somerville. On Friday night, one of their sisters invited us to her place for a lovely Shabbat dinner. And she is an AMAZING vegetarian cook. We had homemade salsa and guacamole, squash soup, stuffed cabbage, 2 kinds of homemade challah, and several other sidedishes. And dessert. Good lord, I want Shabbat dinner every week! (Uh, but clearly not enough to actually be an observant Jew.) Saturday we had luxuriously good eggs at a French-style cafe place. Then we flagged down the ice cream man, whose truck played that "Do your ears hang down?" song with a werid electronic beat underneath. Then I helped B, whose car died recently, move some of her stuff from her temporary place to Somerville, where I promptly lounged on the couch and joined the roommates in watching a fabulous Lifetime movie called "Coed Call Girl" starring Tori Spelling. Then we went out to Davis Square for yummy and affordable sandwiches at this cute mostly-vegetarian sandwich/wrap/smoothie place, followed by more ICE CREAM. Sunday featured more eggs, in the form of homemade omelets, and then a trip to Boomerang, B's favorite thrift store. Which, I freely admit, has something on Village Discount in that, well, it has a finished floor, dressing rooms, clothes sorted more or less by size, and just classier stuff in general. Of course, with a relative price increase too. But I was suitably impressed, and more than willing to purchase an armload of clothes. So that, my friends concludes my travels in Boston. I'm sure your lives are the richer for knowing every calorie that I comsumed during that 48 hour period.

This week was more teaching, Buffy DVDs, young adult audiobooks in the car, and Watson in my room. You know the drill.

Today I went down to Middletown again. I was hoping to catch up with the Homeroom summer camp and tag along on their last field trip, but thanks to Nat, aka the snack-stealing ogre, who won't return my phone calls, I was unaware that they ended camp early, last week. So I spent my time productively. I walked around the neighborhood hoping to run into some Homeroom kids, and was not disappointed. Three of my favorite long-timers - Taja, Christie, and Tre'Quan - were at a playground, and when they saw me come down the street they immediately ran out and yelled my name and jumped on me in a big group hug. That was worth the drive down right there. Also, stopped by Andrea's and admired the new floors.

Back to business, I tried to track down someone who could update me on the status of hiring a Homeroom coordinator for the academic year, since my phone calls have been fruitless. Turns out EVERYONE is on vacation - all the bosses, Nat, HR people, etc. (As it should be in good old stuck in the 50s Middletown - I saw at least 2 stores with those familiar bootleg handwritten signs proclaiming "on vacation." As well as a prominent sign on Main Street advertising a "Singles Dance" at the Sons of Italy club.) I went down to the Homeroom office and poked through Nat's files, and was oddly pleased to see that despite my mind vacationing from the CHC completely for the past few months, it's still my show over there. He didn't change the space around and just used my notes and materials. Excellent. (And I saw that one of the new kids is named "Lexus.") I also talked with my temporary replacement in the Executive Assistant position, whose last day is tomorrow and who also hasn't been replaced yet. There too, I saw my handwriting everywhere (literally) which was again oddly satisfying.

Really, I was remarking earlier, people are really trying very hard to keep me in this country. I could easily waltz back into one or both of my CHC jobs, just call this summer an extended vacation. (Just like George, except with more open arms and less need to slip someone a "mickey.") And Andrea has that lovely house with the 4 extra bedrooms and no renters yet. And here in the valley, my trainer just basically offered me a job at the language school before she realized I would be leaving so soon. How come everything starts coming up Rebecca just when I'm trying to get out of this godforsaken hellhole?


  1. Blogging quality improving significantly.

    PS, who won the cute pet contest?

  2. Ha ha, best post ever. (Notice that I, unlike your father, do not comment upon the relative merits of your posts, thus managing not to offend the old posts nor give the new ones swelled heads. Though I always thought your blogging quality was top-notch. Of course, I'm probably biased.)

  3. Mmm ice cream. I'm glad that two of the three times we (well, granted you only ate it twice) ate ice cream elsewhere during your visit, meaning that there is plenty left in the freezer to keep my morale up tonight while I finish moving. And KT, way to comment but not post on your own blog! <3B
    PS I'm not biased, and I'd like to say that this is kind of the best blog ever.

  4. Now, I'm not going to say whether your blog is good or bad, but it certainly is hasty to say it's the "best blog ever"--have you read every other blog? Do you not see ways it could be made better? Sure it's a good blog, I guess (I'm not bored every time I read it), but to suggest that this is the best blog ever is really selling other blogs short, and highlighting your lack of vision.