Friday, August 12, 2005

I like ellipses...

Sorry for this week of blog deadtime. I've been a bit busy. So you know all this stuff about finishing my TESOL course and moving on? Yeah, well, it turns out not so much. Our trainers suggested that those of us who are still in the area continue to teach some of our English students. Which is great, I'm excited to get some more experience and keep working with these students. I had planned on showing up at 9 on Monday and observing someone else teach. Instead, the someone else canceled due to illness, and I found myself at the school at 8:15, throwing together a lesson with another TESOLer, and then teaching an hour and a half lesson. This is the first morning all week that I haven't gone in to school. I taught again yesterday, and the other days I was just checking in with the other teachers and going through the resources they have there, so I can figure out what books to pick up for myself. I think my birthday wishlist is going to be solely dedicated to teaching resources. Booooring.

Ha ha, guess who just busted into my room for the second time today and made himself comfortable on my bed. The gate, it does nothing... Poor Watson, he really has a hard time with all the construction and such. Now that I'm not allergic to him at all, I don't really mind. As long as I'm here. When I'm not here he does things such as squish all the stuff in my closet and shred all the used tissues from the garbage.

And, in more exciting news, I've finally put up a bunch of new pictures. Not on Flickr this time... I like Flickr fine but if you don't pay the money for a pro account you can only make 3 albums. Which is silly. Plus it's a little too hip and fancy for me. (Warning: I'm about to become one of those people who discusses the technical details of their blog / website at length...) So I scouted out about 7 million of the 8 million photosharing sites, or so it seems. There's some great options if you want to pay for a real account instead of a free one. If you're cheap like me, you have to trade off certain features. I finally settled on, which I like a lot. (According to the website: In Slavic languages, "fotki" is short (and to some degree endearing) for "photos".) It fits most of my requirements: It isn't commercial, in fact it has a really nice community feel, offers a lot of options and tools, is very accessible to use and view, lets you create unlimited albums, and has no limit on the length of photo descriptions. Downsides: it has a few minimally intrusive ads, and the big one: a storage limit of 10 mg. For some reason, I have a really nice feeling about this site and might consider actually paying for the upgrade at some point.

Anyway, check out the new stuff, including pictures of the language school, more cute dog pictures, and some fun archive pictures, at:
Again, I recommend not doing the slideshow option since it doesn't show you my fabulous descriptions. Which you may have to scroll down past the ads to see anyway. Feel free to leave comments on the photos, and let me know what you think of the site. (And don't fret, you can still see the road trip photos on flickr - see the link on the right side of this page.)

I'll leave you with the pictures... time for a trip to the post office, I've got a stack of packages to get out to some of you lucky readers.


  1. Thank GOD you posted. I was desperate for distraction. Like, more desperate than usual. I think I'll save the photos for my next fit of frustration, which will probably be about 5 minutes from now.

  2. I expect my pkg promptly.

  3. I like Fotki better than Flickr because I can access it with Netscape. Good photos!

  4. Mom, I'm pretty sure you're the world's last remaining Netscape user, but I'm still glad to hear it.