Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mmm... demographics...

Real content and more pictures coming soon, I promise. But it's lovely and COOL outside, so perhaps I'll take advantage of that. In the meantime, you can read this fascinating article. I'm sure my interest in this is in no way influenced by my Census background and Ethnic Studies major...

Texas becomes a majority-minority state
Or at least look at the pretty map.

(Editor's note: The links are updated and functioning now...)

I knew that the US is on track to become more than 50% "minority" by 2050, but I was still shocked by some of the specific statistics. How insane that our country keeps on chugging along with its familiar inequities while our capital city is only 30% white!!

I actually read this article with my English students this morning. I thought it was very appropriate since the terms "minority" and "majority" had come up in class yesterday. It was really interesting to discuss American racial groups with them, since as immigrants they see things much more in terms of geography and nationality. It took a really long time to get them to identify me as "white." They kept saying things like "American" and "citizen."


  1. If white people become the minority, who will I oppress?

  2. R,
    OK, I'm a dork and I actually did try to read the article and look at the pretty map, but I just got messages saying I was denied. Perhaps you want to remove the links so that others won't be taunted in this way?