Saturday, August 06, 2005

Moving on...

Two days of closure activities, final projects, last minute reflections, unexpectedly strong group bonding, and not a few tears later, I suddenly find my life without purpose. What does one do with oneself when one doesn't have a highly structured TESOL day? Well... I'm glad you asked! I set my alarm for 9:30 this morning, which I felt was ambitiously early, so that I would make it to the farmers' market. By 8:15 I was wide awake. Over the past few weeks I've found myself actually enjoying being up and out of the house early... what's happening to me?? Could I really be turning into a responsible-morning-person-adult-type??

All identity-crises aside, I did successfully make my first trip to the Northampton farmers' market. Thanks to my busy schedule and Nancy's generous meal provision, I haven't really cooked anything in the last month, and I've been itching to get my hands on some fresh produce and get in the kitchen. Which is exactly what I did. I whipped up some roasted vegetables - mostly fresh organic beets and heirloom tomatoes from the market, with a melange of all the herbs growing in the garden here. Mmmm... today was perfect and lazy and fresh like summer should be. And I got to go walking with Watson and singing with the MWE on top of it!

Dan is entertaining me by reading jokes out of Ha Ha Bonk. By entertaining I mean distracting from my blog entry. Wait, wait, you've got to hear this one.

"How do you get rid of water on the knee?"
"Wear drainpipe trowsers."

OK then. Sounds like Richard's P-Pants. Anyway, besides perfect lazy summer days, I'm going to have to start turning my attention to all those important life-business things. Like my landlord who still won't pay up the security deposit. And the wisdom teeth that need to come out. And the plane ticket to Ecuador that needs to be purchased. And the job in Ecuador that needs to be scouted out. I am starting to get excited about Ecuador again, as much as I am finding my life here so very lovely. I think I will start out by taking a week of Spanish classes and just getting settled, seeing as how I've never even been to the country before. Then for a month I might get some part time work and also volunteer, maybe at a kid's drop-in tutor center I read about, just to ease into things, before really starting to teach full time. I'm not too worried about making loads of money right away... I have to share with you some typical quotes from teachers regarding the extremely low cost of living in Ecuado and the ease of finding an English teaching job:

"In general living expenses are cheap. I opted for a cheap, simple, but pretty mini apartment, and my rent is, believe it or not, $46/month, which includes electricity and water. It is in a safe place. Bus fares are 20 cents within the city. Taxis are between $1 and $3, depending on how far you go obviously. I probably spend like $40-50/month on food for me, then there are of course random expenses like internet cafes, running between 80 cents and $1.50 an hour, entertainment, etc. (movies like $2.50 a ticket, a nice average restaurant like $5.00 a plate)."

"From Quito, you can see most of the country's beauty on a small budget and a weekend. It's about an $8 and 8 hour trip to the beach and roughly the same to the rain forest."

" I left for Ecuador with no real plans, no job offers, no where to live. I planned to figure it out when I got there, which was surprisingly easy. I found a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment for $70 a month within a week."

" I got a job in the second school I called into..."

"When I arrived in Quito in January, I walked into the South American Spanish Institute to find out about English teaching possibilities. Within 90 minutes, I had taken a grammar test and the director of the Institute had offered me a job. I started the following Monday."

Well, I could talk about how great Ecuador sounds all day, but this post certainly is running on, isn't it. And with my new early schedule, I'd better be off to bed!

(Psst... Katie... isn't it about time for a new post from you? Our readers can only take so much of me before they need that Juneau fix.)

(Psst... Linda... I'm glad to see you couldn't go through with your blog vow of silence! I was worried back there.)


  1. R, if you are at a loss for something to do tomorrow, remember you can go to the Amherst sing! I plan to be there, but if I'm not, it's because I'm working. I worked for about an hour today instead of all day, which had been my rather ambitious plan. Also, I may not be able to hold a book tomorrow, as I spent this evening holding a 4 and a half month-old baby. He's cute, but boy is he heavy. I seem to have resumed my babysitting career, although for free now, which is different from when I was a teenager.

    By the way, I totally fulfillfed my vow of blog silence. It was just something like a 5-minute vow, which I realize I probably didn't specify at the time. It was kind of a moment of blog silence. Which obviously I'm making up for now.


  2. ...."OK then. Sounds like Richard's P-Pants"..........Am I the only one curious about "P-Pants"........?