Monday, August 29, 2005

Rebecita and WHO on opposite sides of the continent???

Okay, this won't be a long one, but upon discovering I'd written one (1) out of the past eight (8) posts, I felt a need to reaffirm my status as at least one-half of this blog's title, even if I only make up two of the ten letters devoted to our names. Wow, that's a lot of math. I promise a bit more news from the North To The Future state sometime this week, when we'll be hooked up to sweet sweet high-speed internet while once again babysitting our old pal Cobalt the border collie while his people are at Burning Man.

So we have irrefutable evidence that the fleas are now residing in our mailbox. In our MAILBOX. Come on now, really. What on god's green earth are they doing in THERE? This is both heartening (our home is not a breeding ground for some new variety of Teenage Mutant Ninja Flea that even the exterminator who came in two weeks ago is powerless to vanquish... we're just bringing the damn things in with the mail) and disturbing (does our mailman have fleas? is there a large furry flea-host residing in our mailbox that we don't know about? are they secretly planning a takeover of the entire Juneau region, one electric bill at a time?). I calculated that I've spent approximately 25 hours vacuuming this house since my arrival, and I'm not sure if this will cause me to spend the rest of my life feeling unclean if I don't vacuum every day, or never touch a vacuum again. Guesses?

Tomorrow is Christina's birthday and we're going out to a Thai place which is either (according to the reviews we read) the best Thai restaurant in the history of the Pacific Northwest, or a fair-to-middling eatery whose popularity is due solely to the fact that it's just not possible to eat Thai food anywhere else without spending several hours on a ferry.

My new goals are to learn all five types of southeast Alaska salmon (Coho, King, Sockeye, Humpy, Chum) and to find a job in Austin. My two current strategies involve reading this site and sending my resume to lots of Austin museums and other institutions that probably don't have job openings and couldn't afford to pay me anything even if they did. Sounds like a great plan to me.

Okay, this is rather longer than I intended. Going to bed now!




  1. CHUM....P??!???

  2. Have you considered branching out beyond just museums? Maybe something with a future?

  3. Austin, Texas? My boss lives there. Maybe he has connections...

  4. austin? that's kinda near san antonio. maybe you can work at the alamo...
    ps 332!

  5. I'm not sure if I've just been slacking on my post-reading duties or if I am officially Out of the Loop, because I had no idea that you were planning on becoming a Texan. Good luck with that, friend.