Wednesday, August 03, 2005

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehn, good night...

This morning I taught my last english lesson! Over the past 4 weeks we each had 7 opportunities to teach, for over 5 hours total... I guess that doesn't sound like much, but that first lesson feels like a lifetime ago. When we had no clue what we were doing. By now we're all churning out lesson plans, throwing around jargon like PPU, TTT, and VAKT, and, of course, reflecting like pros. Still, we're all feeling sad to leave behind our very first students. On the other hand, if I really want to see them again all I have to do is eat at Hunan Gourmet.

I have wrap up assignments for tomorrow and friday, and then it's all over! Of course, the trainers keep telling us that we're part of the school now and we can still use their resources, observe, volunteer, even guest teach. Some people who are sticking around longer than I are going to student teach classes in the fall. You may notice that I'm using "we" a lot... it's that whole spending 10 hours a day for several weeks with the same 9 people thing. Between that and the introspection/reflection to the max, we all could recite each others' personality quirks, learning styles, teaching strengths/weaknesses, family history, etc in our sleep. We are especially bummed to be down one member, whose mother died this morning.

Ok, it's off to finish my last essay, glue some pieces of paper on bigger paper, stick on some explanatory post-its, slap it all together with my lesson plans, etc, and call it a portfolio.

And in non-TESOL related news (as if there were such a thing these days...): Thanks to Jenna's rescheduling, I'm going to Alabama in a few short weeks! Lookout Mountain here I come! (whoa, pun not intended)


  1. mazel tov, ms. edwards! we're going to lookout, hooray. i love orbitz, but it is severely impeding my productivity this morning...

  2. Congratulations, Rebecca! Now you can reflect with the best of 'em. And lucky you, going to Lookout Mtn (nice pun, by the way). I'm lime green with envy.