Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Alaska Report or, Slow Down, Rebecca! I Just Can't Keep Up!

Okay, it's been practically two weeks since my last post. Apologies to any loyal readers who are sick of reading Rebecca's hilarious posts (i.e. none of you) and are pining away for news of what I've been up to (i.e. my mom). So much for target audiences. Let's see... news, eh...

Click here if you want to read about the man who's visiting me here this week. Click here if you want a good laugh at his expense. My infamous father, Nitram Yenoham himself, is in Juneau until Saturday, and he seems to have brought the rainy season with him (notice the seamless transferral of blame from Mother Nature to my own father? I'm such an ungrateful child). We'd made reservations for a day cruise down to this glacial fjord that's supposed to be spectacular, and managed to pick the only day this season they've had to cancel due to high winds and inclement weather. So we were rescheduled for today, which was sad because R couldn't come with us (he's spending three days hiking a historic mountain pass used by the gold rush miners, so you don't have to feel too sorry for him), but happy because the weather and the day turned out to be practically perfect. It was raining this morning, but the biting winds had died down for the first time since my dad got here, and the clouds were extraordinarily cool, covering everything in white fog down to a straight line above the tops of the tallest buildings downtown... so you couldn't see any of the mountains, or else you could just make out the shadowy peaks seeming to materialize out of nowhere in the middle of all that white. We'd been warned by an inside source that the captain of the boat/owner of the company we were patronizing has been known to have issues with competition and consideration and once, um, hit a whale. However, Ahab or no Ahab, our cap'n conducted himself in a perfectly responsible and civil manner throughout the duration of our wonderful day, and we harmed no sea mammals, I'm pretty sure. I'm still sort of speechless with wonderment at how indescribably beautiful Alaska is. So beautiful. We saw two giant glaciers (bright blue!), countless icebergs, mountains and mountains and elevated fjords and waterfalls and waterfalls and mist, dozens of humpbacks, an orca who followed our boat, mountain goats, eagles, and THE SUN (almost the most staggering part of the whole day). I'll try to steal some of C's digital photos to put online in the next week.

In unrelated news, our doggy friend Cobalt died on Friday morning of a heart attack. He was three years old. The news was hard to hear. Fortunately, his owners got back from vacation in time to spend his last week with him.

Not much else to report here... museum life is chugging along, as it will. The past few weeks, in short: cooked with meat for the second time ever with little to no mishaps; made C and R watch "Strictly Ballroom"; decided to go to grad school for Museum Education; toured the salmon hatchery. Yep, that's about it.



  1. Tuesday is the 27th?????? I thought the 27th was in another month or two!!! Enjoy your weekend, love to Lauren.

  2. Oops, and love to you. N

  3. Uh, how did my comments to R get on this entry? Hmmm, not paying attention? An yes, you were right. I sure am glad to get the Alaska news. Love to you, and enjoy the rain. (Happy to hear of your ideas & just a little curious if they are more than just a concept. I guess I'll wait for dad to get back to find out.) xo Mo

  4. Cooobalt :(