Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"Always late but worth the wait."

My mom once got me a button proclaiming that... I'm only running a few hours late, it's still good, it's still good. A quick lunch and I'm off. Stopping just outside of Cleveland tonight... at a Motel 6, not a sketchy budget hotel where the sheets aren't particularly clean and there's an ornery old man sleeping in a back room behind the counter who has to wake up and give me grief for checking in at 2 am. I learned that lesson back in Dickinson, North Dakota.

So it's back west for me... missing everyone here out east, looking forward to a couple days of bad country radio and expensive expensive gas.


  1. tell me how cleveland is- or rather- the outskirts. i'm hitting up that fair state in a couple of weeks, between tennessee and utah. (chronologicallly, not geographically...)

  2. Four Hours Late? Why that's pretty good.

    Be sure to steal some soap from the Motel 6. they have big, single use bars.

  3. The house feels VERY empty without you...You sure are missed here.
    N & M

  4. Happy driving, driving buddy! And great pictures of Andrea's house, by the by. So beautiful and spacious! Can you send me her email so I can write and say hi? (And the diorama-rama in the china cupboard! I'd forgotten! Its components are still living somewhere in the depths of my closet, I think, complete with giant Andy...)