Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well hello everyone! After all the talk, I´m finally here in Quito. I don´t really have anything exciting to report yet... my flights were uneventful, got in at 11 last night and the guy from the hostel was there to meet me. Didn´t get a good view of the city yet since it was dark and everything was gated up. This morning I had a complimentary breakfast at the hostel - eggs, really good bread, freshly squeezed orange juice (flashback to my stay in Paris with Katie!) and coffee. They asked if I wanted my coffe ¨con leche¨(with milk) so I said yes, thinking they would add the milk to the coffee. Instead, they heated up a pot of milk for me and I got to add the coffee (they generally have instant here) and sugar, which was very yummy. Then I checked out the offerings on the tv in my room... caught part of ER in Spanish, Gargoyles (remember that cartoon?? I actually used to watch it after school. whoa blast from the past!) in spanish, and their version of mtv, which is creatively called htv (i don´t have any idea what the H stands for.) I´m about to venture out into the real world to try and find a grocery store, maybe a bookstore, and maybe buy some more socks. Ooh calcetines. Sweet, I was trying to remember the word for socks before and it just popped into my head. I think that´s the one thing I did leave at the Mahoneys... a bag of socks in Katie´s closet. My tevas just won´t cut it in the Quito weather. OK, I´m off, we´ll see how my spanish fares. Again, love to everyone up there in los estados unidos!


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  2. ¡Bienvenida!, Rebecita. Hoy va empezar la proximo parte de su vida. ¡Buen provecho!

  3. Hola! So glad your travel was uneventful and safe. Can't wait to hear more. Or to see the new name of this blog *ahem*. <3B

  4. Cita!!!! You're there!!!! I am so lame and forgot that Tuesday was the day you were actually leaving and so didn't make Christina get offline so I could call you and say goodbye... BAH. I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that in spite of traveling to another country, you've managed to post twice since my last one. And here I was all worried that I'd have to fill the blog void while you were in transit... What's your time difference from me? MISS YOU!!!!!
    P.S. Mmmmm, Mme D's fresh-squeezed oj...

  5. Damn, no, you've managed to post THREE times.

    And how come we get so much comment spam?????