Friday, September 16, 2005

Celebrating me

Pictures of my weeklong birthday extravaganza. Watson, cake, fabulous presents... what more could a girl ask for?

Oh yeah, how about a trip to Green Zebra. Drool. I first went with my mom last spring, when it had newly opened, and have been counting the minutes until I got to reprise that experience. Enter Birthday Dinner #3. Between my parents and I, here is just some of what we ordered. (I stole the descriptions from the menu on the website, which isn't up to date. It changes a lot due to their use of local seasonal ingredients. Again with the drooling...) Before you start calling us pigs, their menu is a tasting one, designed for you to order several "small plates" and get lots of different taste experiences. Which is good, since rarely do I eat somewhere where I can eat anything on the menu, not to mention somewhere where everything tastes like heaven. There, reviewing the menu is like a course in and of itself. Look around the restaurant.. no one is in a rush to order, savoring the offerings and anticipating the food has its own satisfaction.

City Farm Mixed Greens, aged manchego, sherry-hazelnut vinaigrette
Chilled Harmony Valley Farm Beets, whipped carrot yoghurt and port wine vinaigrette
Slow Roasted Shiitake Mushrooms, in crispy potato with savoy cabbage
Warm Blue Cheese Cake, red wine-grape reduction, hazelnut tuile
Artichoke Cassoulet, summer squash, garlic scapes, brioche, favas, lemon balm hollandaise
Crimson Lentil Cake, with spiced shallot & bell pepper jam, preserved lemon
Greengold Farms Duck Egg, caraway onion puree, basil & country sourdough
Artisanal Cheese: Fleur-d’Teche, cow, Bittersweet Plantation Dairy, Louisiana

Ok. I'll stop now, and you can quit laughing at my ardent blogging of culinary indulgence. It's just that it's like I got to go all Pleasantville with the Food Network. Or more like an independent vegetarian version of the Food Network. OK, I said I would stop. I'll just let this New York Times review speak for itself. "Whether Green Zebra (the name of an heirloom tomato, natch) is currently the most important vegetarian restaurant in the United States is unknowable. But it is unquestionably among the most ambitious." ...


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  2. Oh man, stupid blog spammer, you got my hopes up for a minute! Kelsey should actually make a blog!

  3. Also... groundhogs?? Blogcommenting is officially my favorite form of spam.

  4. I wish I looked really popular because, in addition to a spam comment, I left two comments on my own blog entry....

  5. the day kelsey blogs is the day i will... um... i dunno, do something really uncharacteristic of me. i remember that nyt article when it came out! i am a nerd. a nerd jealous of your delicious dinner. when do you leave for ecuador?