Wednesday, September 21, 2005

From Chicago to... Chicago??

So... I hear I'm moving to Ecuador on Tuesday. I can't particularly wrap my head around that any more than I could going back to school this summer, so my preparations are taking a decidedly unorthodox turn. Am I practicing Spanish, gathering up ESL teaching materials, and packing? No, instead I'm wholeheartedly embracing my sudden love for America - Cranberries! Natural beauty products! Wireless internet at home! I guess this appreciation is the lesson I was supposed to learn by leaving the country for awhile, but I thought it would involve, you know, actually leaving the country. In my defense, in addition to a plane ticket I now have a reservation at a hostel for the first week. Of course I may have to extend that until I find an apartment.

My new home is, inexplicably, named Chicago Hostal. It seems hostels in Quito are really more like a combo of the ambience of a nice hostel or bed and breakfast with the facilities of a hotel... no giant dorm rooms here (or mattresses on the floor, as it were, Richard!) I've got a private room with bath and TV, plus there's a guest kitchen, internet, terrace, breakfast included, etc etc. And they'll pick me up from the airport. And what is all this going to cost me??? Wait for it.... $8.80 a night. Taxes included. And this place was one of the most highly recommended! Hmmm, maybe I can live without Whole Foods after all. Anyway, in conclusion, I think I'll be happy at this place... it's not in the supertouristy part of town, and it's recommended but it's not the hot spot of crazy young travelers and not all the staff speak English. More chill, more real, more my style. We hope anyway. I'll let you know next week!


  1. (see above)-N

  2. That sounds awesome, Rebecca. Congratulations on your temporary digs. Sorry I haven't commented much lately--work has me too busy for active blog stalking. I have been doing some silent lurking, though.

    Good luck with the packing!