Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Late nights / Lasts

So I just did that thing that I'm really good at, where I'm tired but haven't napped, and I "just close my eyes for a second." Which results in me falling asleep at 6 or 7 pm and waking up at 1 am, still sprawled on my bed in all my clothes with the light on. So that then I'm unnecessarily up for many hours in the middle of the night, before taking another little nap. The upside is that I didn't awake to find myself surrounded by academic books and papers, leering at me because I haven't started a paper that's due in several hours. A refreshing change from my college years.

At least I can put this time to some good blogging use. I had a nice relaxing labor day weekend, the highlight of which was... MP!!!!! I got to see my good and oldest friend Mary Paula for a rare second time in one summer. She surprised me last week by calling up to see if I was still in the area, since she would be driving her sister to her freshman year at UMass over the weekend. Yay! She had to get picked up early on Monday, so I didn't get a chance to show off Northampton, but I did get to have my very own guest at the Mahoneys on Sunday night. It's a good thing she's a dog person and quickly joined the Watson fan club, because we had a very Watson-centric evening. He was all riled up and attention starved, since Dan had just gone back to school and Martin and Nancy were in New York for the day. He was clearly missing his 10 walks a day from Dan and when we came back around 5 he was practically bursting out the door, so before we so much as brought in her luggage it was walkies for all of us. No sooner were we back home and Watson had scarfed down his dinner, then he proceeded to bark up a storm and run around some more, so we were forced to take him out for a second walk! I would have just let him run around the yard and let off some steam, but due to his naughty naughty hijinx earlier in the day it was nothing but the leash for him. (When I let him out in the morning he promptly ran to visit the new neighbors, and sitcom hilarity ensued... I had to chase him back and forth several times between their open garage and their front porch, yelling at him, while they were clearly home. Heh. Might I also add that in the last week he has eaten my entire lunch twice, when I turned my back for two seconds. The first time it was a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, and the second time stuffed shells with squash. It's a good thing he's cute...) Anyhow, we had a grand dinner, reminisced about elementary school music class, gave Watson some more attention, looked at each other's pictures, went to bed, and were promptly woken up by a visit upstairs from Wats first thing in the morning. Excellent.

I added a couple of pictures of MP and Watson to the Cute Dogs album. Said album has also been graced by much commenting from Richard, including the very first vote for cutest picture. My dad asked about the winner of the contest... first you have to vote, people!

Labor Day proper: For the first time in recent memory I had a proper American labor day celebration. Labor Day has usually found me doing such things as working at Edy's (where I distinctly remember Laura and I consoling ourselves by ordering and consuming both Chinese food and an entire pizza for the two of us) or starting class at Wes. This year I crashed Martin and Nancy's grown up going back to school labor day traditional get together with friends. Preceded by much cooking and followed by much clean up. An excellent meal, even by Mahoney standards.

As the days count down until I head back west (next Tuesday morning), it's time for lots of "Lasts." Yesterday was my Last Tuesday Night Sing, which was of course bittersweet. (Since my core blogreading audience were there I will refrain from a long description. I'm not one for big goodbyes, but my appreciation of all the hugs and fond farewells goes without saying. So, have I mentioned enough how much I'm going to miss singing out here? I'm desperately counting on much blog commenting, snark filled email, and pictures.) This morning I taught my Last English Class at ILI. (Which went really well... the lesson was fun and my students were of course so fabulous and sweet, wishing me good luck in Ecuador and thanking me so much. Our last lesson was on idioms, and they really picked up on "Playing by ear." They were very quick to point out how my teaching style is much more to play things by ear, and Amy, the other teacher, is much more on top of planning. Fortunately I think that we balanced well, and our bootleg volunteer August class was mostly successful. I'll really miss my two star students, and I'll make a point to visit them at Hunan Gourmet when I come back! ) Tomorrow is my Last Trip to Middletown. Soon it will be such further sad things as Last Walk with Watson and Last Mahoney Dinner.

Hmm, turning back to happier thoughts, I think I can fit in another Buffy before going back to bed.


  1. I'm so glad I got to come say goodbye. So random!




    It has been an exciting summer
    following you around.