Sunday, September 25, 2005

Lauren withdrawal!

Big day tomorrow (starting with removal of stitches at 8:45.) so I'll keep this short. Long story short, Lauren came!! There was much rejoicing to be had!! Other things found in abundance:

1) Free samples. We took the cheap culinary tour of Oak Park - samples at the farmers market, Whole Foods, a new cheese shop, and Great Harvest Bread Co.
2) More food. In frustratingly small portions. Chewed very slowly by me with my front teeth. So. Much. Chewing. (List within a list... 3 top easily chewable foods consumed over the weekend: (Soy) chocolate pudding, tiramisu ice cream from Baskin Robbins in Hyde Park, and most of all, those amazing pancakes from IHOP made with Cream of Wheat. Hey K and R, remember when I dragged y'all there as part of your Berlin Turnpike Birthday Night 'o Fun specifically to introduce a skeptical Lauren to IHOP ? This time it was Ms. Graber's suggestion to reprise that particularly American experience... I knew she'd come around!)
3) Illegal parking. Stupid enjoyable friends of ours who choose to live in the most parking challenged areas of the city and convince us it is a good idea to visit on Saturday night.
4) Digital photos. Trying to catch up on a whole year through photosharing. Not quite a satisfying replacement for a year's worth of Lauren time, but her pictures are nothing to sneeze at! Crazy world traveler girl. I can't think of a better person to visit me on this particular weekend... who else could give me such fabulous travel advice (Pepto Bismol=good) and make me feel so wonderfully positive about taking off on my own with no real plans.
5) Sadness at the sudden lack of Lauren! Stupid Wesleyan diaspora. I want all my friends down the hall from me 24/7! Is that really too much to ask??

Speaking of photos,here's a few from this past week. My dad sent me a few including shots from the wedding last weekend (Did I mention that? Family friend who is about 6 weeks older than me! yikes!) and I got a couple of Lauren. Enjoy!


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  2. shut up blogspam, you preempted my incredibly important announcement that i am in lauren's hometown right now. it's very green and very mosquito-y. i like it.