Monday, September 19, 2005

Local news

Not that I intend to become one of those bloggers who just posts a digest of news stories, but I have to give a serious WTF to this one I read in the Chicago Tribune this morning.
New twist on Iraq aid: U.S. seeks donations

Also, I hear that Natalia's ex-stepfather, Paul, (English/drama teacher at our high school and local actor extraordinaire) is going to be on the Fox series Prison Break tomorrow night! (Probably for like 2 seconds... I think he plays a drug dealer who doesn't want to get back in the game. Or something.) It's on at 9 ET. Check it out!

And lastly, the wisdom teeth come out tomorrow, so excuse me if I am not up to posting/responding to emails or other forms of contact for awhile. Actually, after hearing wisdom teeth recovery stories from everyone and their mom, I'm rather curious to see if by the afternoon I'm ready to (um, insert some strenuous activity comporable to playing several sets of tennis, but one that I might realistically do under normal circumstances) or if my recreational activities will be limited to pill-popping and drooling for the next week. Who wants to put dollars in the dictionary?

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  1. Oh Rebecita, I do hope you're one of the lucky ones, and haven't found/won't find this experience to be too painful. Thinking of you!