Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mmmm... boring recovery... tastes liquidy...

So, my hiatus from blogging has not really been due to any post-op incapacitation, more so the inherent boringness of convalescing and the accompanying lack of material. Here goes anyway... As soon as the anesthetic wore off a couple hours after the surgery, I've felt pretty fine. In fact, overall I've definitely been on the lucky side of the whole wisdom teeth thing. Took a couple of pills for the pain the first day. I'm not much worse for the wear except for the nice swelling on my jaw and the fact that I CAN'T EAT NEARLY ANYTHING. Had about 8 oz of solid food in the last two days (yogurt and mashed sweet potatoes), otherwise I've been subsisting on orange juice, tomato soup, and soy milk. Since I'm finally leaving the house today for yet another doctor's appointment I plan to swing by Whole Foods and pick up some more variety in soft foods... maybe some nice flavored applesauce and a different kind of soup. Mostly the last few days have been nice and lazy, and a good excuse to put off all the fun things like packing, bank-account managaing, etc. That's what's on the agenda for the next several days, I'm trying to get a good bit done before the weekend when LAUREN COMES TO VISIT!!!!! Hopefully we will engage in much Chicago hijinx and capture some of it photographically for your benefit.

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  1. happy chipmunking!
    -j (too lazy to sign in)