Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sick as a dog

Our second-to-last evening at the housesitting house, so must take advantage of ability to write a post without tying up the telephone... It's been a tense ten days, with Cobalt the wonderdog coming down with some sort of mysterious illness that makes him refuse to eat, drink, or move. For two days he wouldn't open his mouth when food was offered, turned his head away whenever we tried to get him to drink, and spent all day lying quietly by himself in a corner of the darkened back room, thumping his tail feebly when we appeared at the doorway, but otherwise not doing anything. I took him to the vet twice, once on Sunday and once on Tuesday, and both times they shot him up with something to bring down his 104+ degree fever and pumped him with fluids... both times he got his spirits back for about 24 hours, then sank back into a sick stupor. This evening I took him back and they're keeping him for at least a night, to run a bunch of blood tests and give him an antibiotic IV. His owners are getting back on Saturday, which is at least close enough now that I've stopped fretting that he'll spontaneously die before their return, but it's been SO hard and heartbreaking and worrisome. And in the meantime we've had to shove amoxicillin and aspirin down his throat and inspect his bowel movements and clean up his vomit and coax him to eat and try to keep his spirits up by scratching him and offering him his toys and taking him outside... it's like one of those high school class projects where you have to carry a sack of sugar around for a week and pretend it's your baby. He's not my kid, or even my dog, but still.

So that's that. Last weekend R and I hiked the West Glacier trail, which was beautiful and smelled all like autumn. I've been missing fall like crazy. The leaves turn a little bit, but I hear tell that it pretty much goes from summer (rain) to winter (colder, harder rain) here. At any rate, the weather was good on Saturday and we got an insanely expansive view of the glacier-top, photos of which I'll be sure to put online shortly.

(Speaking of photos, R would like me to give a little credit where credit is due. I would therefore like to point out that pretty much every picture I've posted - except, obviously, the ones of him - were taken by his truly. There... happy???)

R and C are taking advantage of our last 48 hours with a car (and possibly our last chance to partake of $2.69 gas... Richard suggested that we hurry up and fill our tank before news of Hurricane Katrina reaches the Alaskan border...) to make a Thursday night Fred Meyers run. I might take advantage of their Thursday night Fred Meyers run to read some more of my book before they get back and force me to play cards with them.

And I hope everyone remembers that SOMEONE who posts on this blog whose name DOESN'T START WITH A "K" has a birthday coming up on the 12th...


  1. I hereby declare Jwi the new king of England.

  2. Aw, man. Poor dog. Poor Katie. It sounds like you're taking good care of the unfortunate canine, though.

    No fleas, though, right? You've had a week or so without fleas?

    Looking forward to the glacier pictures.