Friday, September 02, 2005

"Wake up with a smile and go after life"

Or so the sign outside the VA hospital told me last week. (It's back to celebrating some military anniversary.) That's not exactly my motto... my motto is more like wake up, roll over, and go back to sleep. But today I am excited to wake up and go after banana splits with Nancy and Dan. I'm also excited that said trip in within easy biking distance and so does not involve using any gas. Speaking of horrifically high gas prices, I just read an article explaining how those resourceful Europeans can't wait to ship us some oil and make some money off of our shortage, allowing us silly Americans to relax and keep filling up those SUVs. It included this fabulous quote: "Capitalism is a great way to address supply and demand." Wow, thanks Mr. Expert, your incredible feat of economic logic is so very reassuring to me.

While I'm indulging in ice cream, you can check out these fun graduation pictures that Dan put up online. They're supposed to be of "Katie's graduation", but appear to mostly feature me and Richard and our families. And the sandwiches. Don't forget the sandwiches.


  1. If you want, I can upload the pictures of you, richard, lauren and you (the first you was to rebecca, the second you was to katie) receiving your diplomas, but they're all really tiny and if they weren't in alphabetical order, I wouldn't know which was which.

  2. Nice photos! Even though I was disappointed not to be in any of them...

  3. I think I have some of you, maybe I'll look and upload.

  4. It's ok Dan, she can always bake some more pies and make me take her picture and post it. Especially if she drags us apple picking again.