Sunday, September 11, 2005

Who's ready to go back to Chicago?? (Awkward silence. Rebecca looks right, then left, then hightails it out of the room.)

I just got out of the shower at 12:02 am and there was already a birthday present waiting for me! (Thanks Nancy and Martin, you win! Well actually, my mom sent me a lovely cheesy poem and gift which arrived the other day. Thanks Mom! But Nancy and Martin win if we're playing a birthday game like the game where you try to slide something so that it gets as close as possible to the edge of the table, but doesn't go over. Where was I going with this parenthetical remark?) That brings me back to freshman year at Wes, maybe two weeks after I'd gotten to school, and just about at midnight Richard and Elaina nearly gave me a heart attack by jumping out to yell happy birthday the second I walked back onto the hall carrying my laundry. Good times. Anyhoo, I'm really posting because I updated some pictures. See before/after pictures of Andrea's new house (well, more like whatever stage the room was at when I visited a couple weeks ago vs whatever stage the room was at when I visited on Thursday) plus some pictures of her fabulous lovable cat, Foster, who wandered into her kitchen and all of our hearts a few days ago. So soft, good-natured, starved for attention/food. He is totally the new Watson. Well, Watson is still the new Watson, but Foster is the cat Watson. I LOVE Foster.

One more day. I've tied up most of my loose ends. The next step is to, um, start packing. And finishing packing would be nice too. We'll see how that goes.


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  2. Thanks, superrandom spammer, I kind of enjoy your fake comment so I won't erase it. You're welcome.

  3. Ohhh No! Rebecca is leaving today! Todaaaaay! Perhaps you have already left. You could be in your car and driving already. THAT'S SO SAD!

    Well, I hope the packing went well or is going well. I SO sympathize with the last minute thing.

    Safe traveling. Have fun in Ecuador. Don't forget to come back.