Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another day, another rainstorm

Well, another day of spanish class under my belt. I´m thinking particuarly of my fellow estudiantes - dad and lauren. I´m still looking for an apartment... I´ve seen some places advertised to share with other english teaching types, but they´re all right in the center of the city and I would just prefer not to live there. It´s so easy to get around if you´re near the central bus lines, and probably cheaper further out anyway. Tomorrow I´m going to get in touch with an organization I want to volunteer with, CENIT. They run a bunch of outreach programs to help young working girls, including a drop in tutoring program. It´s really sad how many tiny little kids you see selling gum or whatever on the street. I´m talking like 3, 4 years old. It will be nice to be able to help out with something I am actually qualified to do (ahem, overqualified). And a good way to get hooked up with a regular community here, before I break down and actually find a job.

In other news, my spanish teacher says that yes it rains a lot during the rainy season, but to have this many huge thunderstorms is really rare, and she blames it on all the climate changes. Sigh. As long as we don´t have any hurricanes I´ll be happy.

On Saturday in Cleveland they dedicated Peter´s Garden. Weird to be all the way down here. Of course I could have waited a few days and gone, but somehow I just didn´t want to be there with all his family and friends who I never really knew. I did get a chance to stop by and see it a few weeks ago on my way back to Chicago. It was really weird and surreal to be there... I didn´t really feel the connection with Peter, and there wasn´t any plaque up or anything yet. You think it will be these meaningful occasions and places when the loss hits you, but really it happens when you least expect it, at the most random times. The garden was really beautiful and peaceful though, I could hear the windchimes and there were birds and the sundial is very cool and very peter. And it´s really huge... different areas to sit and stuff, plus just a ton of newly landscaped area. Instead of the old asphalt that covered the area before. And there was a really nice moment where this little girl came running through and was super excited about playing in the garden, and I was so strongly reminded of the point of the whole thing, which is to give young people a beautiful place, and to celebrate life. Anyway, sorry for the rambling... I just didn´t want the occasion to slide without mention. I took lots of pictures but never got around to putting them up, but you can see lots from the actual event (and more rambling) at Derek´s blog. I´m sure he wouldn´t mind me putting up the link. I enjoy his joke that "if peter were here right now, he'd probably organize a counter-garden or something, thinking we were making too big a deal of all this."

OK, out to brave the rain again... I try to time my indoor time properly but it does just keep on raining doesn´t it...

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