Thursday, October 20, 2005

CENITness and an ADDRESS!!

Two random highlights of working at CENIT:
1) Passing the guy who hangs out on the busy street corner with his goats.
2) Getting spoken to in German as often as English, as there are more German volunteers than English speaking ones.

Not so much a highlight, but today was just one of those days. The kids were all a bit off the wall for some reason. And then there was Alex. This kid is always somewhat of a troublemaker, but I´ve never seen him do anything serious. Even in all my years at Homeroom, I don´t think I ever saw a kid throw a fit like this. Yes, there were all those fun times that I´ve had to physically hold down kids so they don´t beat the hell out of another kid. But there was always some actual instigation or build up. I didn´t see at first, but apparently what happened was Alex thought some kid took his pencil, when another volunteer was right there and saw nothing. So Alex decides to completely lose it and start yelling and crying and kicking and screaming, and three of us had to hold him down and drag him outside. He wasn´t even angry at the other kid really, he was just throwing a fit at the world. He kept screaming that he wanted to go home to his grandma, who he lives with, and we were happy to oblige but he wouldn´t even let us put his shoes back on, he was just screaming and kicking and totally gone. Gooood times. One of the other volunteers didn´t get why he was so upset about the pencil, and was surprised when I concluded that obviously it was not really about the pencil and he has some serious issues. OK then... There´s another kid who I think must have some serious learning issues. He had this homework the other day where all he had to do was copy the letter O. Not even cursivey or anything, just a circle. And he literally couldn´t do it. He was kind of making these illegible scribbles all over the page, and he was clearly trying. Srta Useless is supposed to follow up on this stuff, but she has a lot of other stuff going on and I doubt there are really the right resources to deal with it anyway. Sigh.

Anyway, CENIT aside, I have a mailing address! I remembered that I can get mail at the South American Explorers Club. This is the easiest thing, especially if I want to receive packages. So, send away! You may want to give me a heads up, so that I know to check. Address it like so:

South American Explorers Club
Rebecca Edwards
Apartado 17-21-431
Eloy Alfaro
Quito, Ecuador

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