Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween, El día del Escudo Nacional, and the Blog Centennial!

That´s right, it´s a big milestone for our little blog! The 100th entry! (We won´t analyze what percentage I´ve written, because it will quickly become clear how much more I tend to ramble and how much less of a life I have than KT).

Less devoted fans of this blog may be more excited that is today is Halloween (celebrated here a bit since they have absorbed american culture, but no one trick or treats or anything. More important holidays coming up this week.) and El día del Escudo Nacional, which apparently has something to do with the Ecuadorian national seal? Actually, I´m curious, so let me look it up. OK, here we go... here´s a lovely little interactive picture, and you can click on the parts of the seal and it will tell you what they signify. For example "The condor is a symbol of power." Great.

Well, speaking of holidays, I get almost a whole week off starting wednesday. As in the rest of Latin America, El Dia de La Muerte (Day of the dead), Nov 2, is the most important holiday around this time. They don´t do the sugar skulls or bring food to the cemetary like in mexico, but they do have traditional parties, and leading up the the day there are signs EVERYWHERE offering colada morada (a deep purple fruity beverage) and guaguas de pan (bread shaped like little people, which kids traditionally decorate. kind of like gingerbread cookies.)

The core group of volunteers that I hang out with invited me to go to the beach with them, but since I am really lame and don´t like the beach I was torn between actually having a life/friends and not spending a lot of money to not enjoy myself. As it turns out, I lost my wallet on friday (or had it stolen? it was in my purse, inside my bag, along with my passport and cell phone, both of which are still here. but I don´t know when I could have misplaced it... oh well, it´s a mystery.) Not a real disaster, just meant I had to cancel all my credit cards and I have no way of getting more money until my new atm card arrives, courtesy of my mom´s last minute trip to the bank before she skipped town. (Thanks mom!!) As it turns out, I may just go away for the weekend somewhere closer with a girl who has to work through the week. So that could be fun. (RE: the wallet. For those of you have been following the career of my wallet/purse, you know that this is far from the first time they have been lost/stolen. BUT in my defense a) I am in a country full of pickpockets and b) this seems to mark the first time that they have not come back to me. I´ve had the same purse and wallet for 7 years. So I´ve really been living on borrowed time. I´m most upset about the fact that I won´t have kt and richard peeking out at me from the thorne´s photobooth picture!)

In other life news, I seem to actually be having one. As evidenced by the above mention of friends. Also, I met today with the director of english at the EIL (The Experiment in International Living) which went really well... he was mostly interested in hearing about my experience with the SIT TESOL certificate, since they are going to start offering that here in Quito. Long story short, my resume is "being sent to the financial department" and it sounds like I will have a real job lined up. They just need someone part time to start, until a full time job opens up. Which is PERFECT for me since I´m still working at CENIT through the beginning of December, and then hopefully devoting some time to visitors and traveling around the christmas holidays. This is one of the better institutes in town, and my first choice of workplace, so go me. The only thing is, my tourist visa will run out after 6 months. So the director guy actually says, if you´re looking for an excuse to visit the US before then, we could easily arrange a work visa from there. Um, can anyone think of a good excuse to visit the US in early March? Anyone?? (That´s a rhetorical question by the way.) So I´m not promising anything, but I am checking airfare more seriously...

Also, I have some leads on apartments. I may end up living with two other midwestern girls teaching at EIL... i mean, i´m really getting some cross-cultural immersion here. They might be from INDIANA or something.


  1. Wow! Friends! That's more than R & I can claim. However, you might want to think twice about living with Indiana girls... I could tell you stories about the riverside wastelands that pass for state parks in Indiana that would curl your toes. Or your hair. Whatever stories like that curl. Woooooo WMSHC!!!! R & you & I will take another Thornes photo for your new wallet in March, I promise.

  2. Like werewolves and vampires, I thought Halloween would be a good time to make a rare appearance. Rebecca, you sound like you're doing just wonderfully! Isn't it fun to develop your new life? And to do it all on your own? Do you get the empowerment high? (I'm still trying to nurse mine...) I just think the world of you! And I'm trying to work a trip to Ecuador into my not-so-but-becoming-more-crazy-because-I-was-just-offered-a-job life so I can get more of that independence stuff! I shouldn't gush much more about how fond I am of you in this public space. Smooooooooooch... LK

  3. Lauren!! Go on and gush... I won´t stop you. Thanks for all the pep talking, and congrats on the job!!!!!!!!! you totally beat me to it. I may have to email this to you since you probably aren´t lame enough to recheck the comments all the time. (and kt that is SO a date for picture taking. makes me feel better already. Also when you say "indiana girls" you get tom petty in my head.)

  4. WMSHC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't wait to see/sing with you guys.


  5. Well ... since it will have been 5 months since you reclaimed living space in Oak Park,(Even arctic foxes are rumored to make the rounds of their territory more often than that), and because few things brighten up that heel of the winter, it might be that it would be, possibly good to see you.


  6. um hey wanna be on the welcoming committee?