Friday, October 21, 2005

I still post!!! I promise!!!

Hi, it's me, I'm still alive in Alaska, I still remember my Blogger password, and please don't let the fact that R and I post at a 7:1 ratio ever give you cause you doubt either of the above!!! C is deserting me and flying out of Juneau tomorrow morning (so sad!), so I will henceforth be computerless at my abode - which may affect my posting frequency (though at my current rate, I really can't imagine how that would be possible...), but means my phone will NEVER be busy, so I highly encourage and command all of you to encourage my Luddite tendencies by contacting me the old-fashioned way, just like cavemen did in the good old days. [Editor's note: Yes, CLEARLY I know telephones did not exist in 5000 BC.] [Editor's note: No, CLEARLY I have no idea when cavemen actually lived. 1000 BC? 1 million BC? Lucky for me I left college with the ability to conjugate most irregular French verbs, so I did get something out of 17 years of schooling.] In conclusion, I'll post soon. I swear.

Turning to local elections, I think we're all glad that Bob Doll won a seat on the Juneau Assembly. Because really, with a name like that, who needs a campaign slogan????




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  2. But KT, I don't LIKE to talk on the phone!

    Hey... "make money now!" That looks like an interesting opportunity. . .

  3. awwwwwwwwww give me some of that Alley Oop love stuff

  4. Oh man... a comment that confuses even me. Congratulations to you, Mr Anonymous.

  5. yeah, and for once I don´t think it´s your grandmother. (I was going to delete the blog spam, but then Linda would just sound crazy.)

  6. It depends on your definition of "cavemen". If by cavemen you mean neandertals, they were populating europe and asia 150,000-200,000 years ago. They seem to have died out around 50,000 years ago when modern homo sapiens became the dominant species. Meanwhile, recent fossil remains 6-9 million years old in central africa (especially chad) are shedding new light on our origins and who our ancestors were.

  7. Ha ha, that second anonymous post was so B. (Er, I assume. Unless it was an automatic spam generator who knows me REALLY well.) Click here if you still care, which probably no one except me and B does :)