Sunday, October 09, 2005

La bandera Tricolor

Well, I fully intended to blog yesterday since I had more to write about from the previous 24 hours than from the rest of my time here. Except I wasn´t taking into account that yesterday was the world cup qualifying game for the soccer team. Everything was pretty much closed, except little stores that had a tv going and everyone was just watching "el partido". I, not being particularly invested in the outcome of the game, innocently took a little trip to the mall. Well, the mall is right next to "el estadio olimpico" and it turns out this little match was being played right there. So there was this huge crazy street party outside all day, with all the streets blocked off and half the city there decked out in their yellow, red and blue. Mostly bright yellow jerseys. Craziness. If you want more than my word for it, you can read about all the festivities in El Comercio. "Los interiores y los exteriores del estadio Olímpico Atahualpa se tiñeron de amarillo, ayer..."

OK, back to my life. On Friday I reaped the rewards of finally getting over my irrational fear of making local phone calls. I called the place I want to volunteer at, since they never answered my email, and I´m going down to check it out on Monday morning. Then, I called to inquire about an ad for student housing. 10 minutes later the woman was picking me up to go see it. Whoa full service landlording. And yesterday morning I moved in. I don´t really want to live with a family, I´d much rather be on my own, since I just always feel kind of awkward being stuck into a family. Especially because I chose not to pay to take meals with them, which means I´m always sort of poking around the kitchen in between their big family meals. But this is a pretty good compromise until I can find a good apartment... I just agreed to one month here. Antioneta, the woman who is renting me a room, has this big gorgeous house in a nice area of the city, really convenient to the bus line, and she generally has 2-3 students living there, but it´s just me right now. Actually just me and 3 teenagers... her daughter and two sons. Which is rather amusing. Fortunately they´re cool and are always playing a huge variety of interesting music, none of this lame spanish pop stuff. As I said the house itself is beautiful with tons of wood everywhere and big comfortable rooms. The one downside is rather unavoidable. Nowhere has hot water here, except in the shower. And as I learned this morning, to get a hot shower, I get to go outside and not only turn on a switch, but use a match to light the heater. Good times.

What else have I been doing... oh yes, on Friday my language school had a party. So I actually socialized with other people. It was fun... I thought it would be awkward since I don´t know anyone, but they sat us down at tables and taught us an Ecuadoriant card game, while they cooked the food, and then we ate. I was talking with this really enjoyable Japanese couple. I´ve only met one other American student there, everyone else appears to be German or assorted other nationalities. So automatically Spanish is the natural language to communicate in, which is cool.

I think I´ve generally caught you up on my slightly more interesting life. I did take a few pictures before leaving the hostel, and they certainly aren´t insanely beautiful glacial scenes, but I hope to put them up eventually.

OK, I better get going, I actually have a full schedule for today! I want to catch a movie, get some groceries, then it´s unpacking and homework.

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  1. As I've said before, my hatred of conversing incompetently with francophones (francophonefrancophonefrancophone...) in French is matched only by my love of conversing incompetently with non-francophiles in French that's as bad as theirs. Hanging out with international people in a place where you both have to speak a second language is TOTALLY the way to go. I spoke more French during my week in Italy than I did for the whole rest of the year combined, I'm pretty sure.

    You're homestay sounds lovely, at least for the time being.

    I demand pictures!