Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The most unfortunate name award goes to...

So, the subject everyone is asking about... toilet paper! Oh wait, sorry, I mean CENIT. Things are going well... all of us volunteers who started last week are pretty on top of things, which is good since Moon (the one volunteer who had been around for a while) is on a new project (turns out he really doesn´t like kids that much, which I pretty much picked up on from our first conversation, and was just helping out where he was needed... good riddance) and Srta. Useless Teacher Woman is out this week. Well, the one thing she´s good for is that she´s actually a native spanish speaker, so she can pick up on exactly whats going on in all those wonderful juveline arguments. Us volunteers have a bit of trouble with discipline (well, largely becuase there is no disciplinary system and no consequences for anything, but I digress...) since most of that goes over our head, and all we can do is yell at everyone and/or take away the contested object, if one exists. After our weekly meeting last thursday, I implemented an attendance system, aka we wríte down everyones name in a notebook and we call roll before we leave for the program.

Oh, by the way, because I know you really want to hear the long version of the meeting... Srta. Useless Teacher Woman apparently decided she´s actually in charge of something, or maybe just that she needed to piss me off royally. Since she proceeded to give a giant extended lecture to all of us volunteers about the need for ruling with an iron fist and such, during which I had a hard time sitting still and not screaming at her because it was the first week for like 90% of us and this was the first time a) she had ever talked to me and b) I ever heard of there actually BEING any rules, not to mention which I don´t see her making a habit of laying down the law. Anyway, afterwards she asked for any questions and suggestions, and probably since everyone else was properly cowed by her gratuitous display of power, I was the only one to pipe up with about 3 suggestions. Most importantly the attendance issue. And, with an inexplicable attitude makeover, she was all about it, as apparently I´m the first person in the history of this program to think of keeping track of the damn kids?? What the hell has been going on there, I´d like to know. ANYWAY, sorry for the ranting. Letting it go now. But you know it´s bad when I´M the organized one.

As for the actual kids in the program, now that I´ve been there a bit over a week I´m finally getting a better idea of who they are. It´s particularly hard here because not all the same kids come everyday, and the overwhelming impression is that ther are just a million tiny little brown boys with the same haircut in the same school uniform running around. (I know the few girls better since they like to draw pictures with me, or at least gawk at my incredibly talent at drawing trees and flowers. Ah... working with young children, the only way anyone could ever possibly appreciate my artistic ability.) But, I´m learning. They don´t quite have anything on the Homeroom kids, but I present to you the Top 4 Worst First Names. (Yes they are all first names. I swear.)

4) Narceza (someone´s mom clearly hasn´t brushed up on her greek mythology lately)
3) Edison
2) Wellington
1) Stalin (!!!!!)


  1. Well, I'm glad to know that the Organizing genes did get passed on after all.

    And as for Worst Names Ever, yes they are rrrrreally bad! But I still think the all-time prize (in my lifetime anyway) was a student I had once named Electra Frye. (No I am not making that up.)


  2. Does Srta. Useless woman wear odd clothing, such as head to toe in black with some white accent items?

  3. Excellent to see you're able to bite your tongue these days. Stalin is a good name, albeit somewhat besmirched. It means "steel" in Georgian.

  4. Richard, I insist you change your name to "Stalin Q Wellington III Lee"

  5. Think we could fit a Mahoney in there too?

  6. Thanks dad, for providing the obscure russian info. of course you know what stalin means in georgian. Also, my favorite name? The kid named Silver. Like the horse!

  7. ¡Es verdad! He took a nom de plume when he joined the Communist Party, his real name is Djugashvili.

  8. Stalin Q Mahoney Wellington III Lee Jr.

  9. Whoa. The most unfortunate name award definitely goes to Stalin, or whatever his name was. No wonder he was such a meany.