Thursday, October 06, 2005

On chifas and being really uncool

So, at the risk of sounding like Katie, I´m going to rave about the abnormal lack of rain here! It didn´t rain AT ALL yesterday, which was amazing enough, and it looks like it might not rain today! I don´t even know what to do with myself. Yesterday I ate at a "chifa" for the first time (aka a chinese restaurant, of which for some reason there are more per capita than anywhere outside of china. Seriously, about 3 or 4 per block.) I chose this particular chifa since it was called "tofu" and presumably carried said food item on their menu. However, as soon as I ordered a tasty sounding tofu dish, I was informed that they were out of tofu. Of course. I settled for fried veggie rice, the boring vegetarian chinese staple. The fact that it cost $1.80 for the world´s largest portion did console me a bit. I think I´m going to take the bus now to the giant walmarty supermarket place (natalia, it´s just like that one we went to in mexico. possibly exactly the same.) where they have GRANOLA BARS! and CRANBERRY JUICE! and SOYMILK! Yeah, I´m all about enjoying the cuisine here, but a girl´s gotta have some comfort food.

Hmm... who´s surprised that my post so far is solely culinarily based. Um, I really haven´t done anything particularly interesting since Sunday when I discovered one of the giant MALLS and acquired some ecuadorian clothing. I kind of just hang out at the park and read (I found this fabulous children´s book by an ecuadorian writer called "La biblioteca secreta de La Escondida" about these girls who discover a magical library in their grandparents estate. If it ever gets translated into English I´m sure you would eat it up KT!) or hang out at the hostel and watch bad spanish tv or my dvds. My spanish teacher clearly thinks I am INCREDIBLY LAME because she always asks me what I did yesterday and whatnot, expecting me to go out with people or visit some of the interesting sites in town, and that´s all I have to say for myself. Heh... welcome to my life. Again with the needing to find a place to live and get this volunteering business set up. I think I´m going to have to break down and tackle the local telephone system. At least I´m not a stereotypical stupid American traveler. Actually I haven´t come across many, more Germans and such, but my lovely tranquil hostel has suddenly been invaded by these two american guys who are superloud and rude at all hours of the night and always yelling to each other things like "Dude, did you just lock us out?" Cue frat boy laughter.

Off to procure granola bars and pray that my neighbors are on their way to drag the american name through the mud of another country.


  1. Oooh, reading in the park. I'm so there. At least in Paris I couldn't do that because if you stand still for more than 2.368 seconds, it's secret code for "Please hit on me, French boys!!!!" So instead I just went to movies by myself, like the social butterfly I am... Do you wish you were so lame that you had to pretend to the SIXTY-FIVE YEAR OLD LADY YOU LIVED WITH that you were going out with friends to drink and instead spent the night watching foreign films in some neighborhood where she wasn't likely to spot you???? Sheesh.

  2. And, so ... What about the spandex???

    And, KT, great pic of moose feeding on far side of Alaskan stream "where the greyling are stacked like cordwood", according to the writer. all in today's Chi Trib.

  3. Well, at least I am spared a mother's worry about the dangers of a daughter being seduced / kidnapped / robbed / etc (fill in the blank) by undesirable young men who hang around bars and such other dangerous places.

    I guess I can hope for extensive internet downtime so that you will be motivated to seek actual companionship among the Quitenos. Or even the German and Australian tourists!


  4. Ha ha, I´m so planning on going to a movie by myself this weekend. Or several. (Re: spandex... I may or may not be wearing a pair of pants that include said material, but they aren´t jeans and they look like normal pants. I swear.)

  5. siempre me gustan tus escrituras; sea segura. xoxo j

    (eh, sorry, that's like the extent of my long dormant spanish... what about museums? those are my favorite i-can-be-solitary-but-still-feel-like-i'm-doing-something excursions... in fact i have a whole day of 'em lined up for cincinnati tomorrow... by which i mean mañana!