Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pictures AND a phone number!

In an effort to one-up Katie´s unprecedented BACK TO BACK posting. I´ve finally put up pictures of Quito! Bear with me... there´s really just a lot of the same thing... a few pictures of my hostel, the view from my hostel, and a whole load of kids running around. It was easier to upload most of them than really go through and pare them down. I figure I better start taking advantage of the UNLIMITED storage space that came with my Fotki upgrade. Now that I´ve got the system down for transferring and uploading pictures, I promise to post them more frequently.

Also, I bought a cell phone! It is the second cheapest and hence second crappiest cell phone it was possible to purchase, but I don´t really intend on using it very much. It´s not horribly expensive to call the US (15 cents a min) but that´s twice as much as I can pay elsewhere. It´s mostly to have a phone number to give people, particularly prospective employers. But, please feel free to call me anytime! The number is:
09-474-8420 (preceded by the country code: 593)

Check it out, I´m now fully contactable by civilized standards... mailing address, phone, and email. Which actually is an exciting milestone is that it means I was able to complete my updated resume, and hence print it and hand off copies to language institutes! Really, it´s not just talk anymore! I have the file open as we speak! Wish me luck.


  1. i´m SO impressed. That´s way more than i have. A land line in someone elsés name, and a rented computer for a dollar an hour. Oh, and a dialogue box that says Haga su comentario.

  2. Hey, just like my dialogue box says! I love how stuff automatically shows up in Spanish.

  3. (Who would have thought "lard" would get more attention than great pictures, phone, etc.!) I did love seeing all the pictures including stairs & shoes. XOXO N

  4. Thanks for sharing the love! I'm staying out of the whole lard game, these days.

  5. You're missing out, R'cita. Lard is where it's at, man. The pictures were awesome, though. Keep taking advantage of that unlimited storage space. :)

  6. UNLIMITED storage space?
    Modern technology impresses me more and more every day.
    I'm excited to look at more than just the thumbnails when I'm actually on a computer with fast internet that doesn't shut down every 5 minutes.

  7. Yay, I finally saw your pictures they way they god intented (in all their 600 x 450 pixel glory, rather than thumbnails).
    Next I demand pictures of your new digs and more shots of mountains and nature so I know what I'm getting myself into.

  8. not richard....or is it?10/28/2005 7:07 PM

    wow, sorry for all the typos.
    I can't believe I just embarrassed myself like that in front of such an erudite audience (well, except for that college dropout matt)

  9. Thanks for noticing the pixel settings... I modified them myself.