Friday, October 21, 2005


Today was a good day. Ever since I saw Jenna´s post the other day I´ve been really craving beets, and guess what was for lunch today! My overexcitement was met with strange looks from the other volunteers, but I just smiled and took an extra generous portion on their behalf.

Although beets ARE enough to make my day, it also helps that we had a party with the kids this morning. (A goodbye party for a volunteer.) I used to dread throwing parties at Homeroom because it was so much work to plan and clean, and treats always seems to bring out the worst feelings of entitlement in the kids, and the dancing and whatnot always gets out of hand. Wow, but was this a wonderful contrast. The kids were just delighted at getting cake and junk food, and their dancing was so innocent. Nice to see kids actually acting like kids. I took a whole load of pictures on behalf of CENIT, so now I actually have some pictures to show you!

Another thing that improved my day greatly was that I got a chance to talk more in depth with a few of the other CENIT volunteers. I´m starting to feel like I actually have some friends! What do you know! The problem here being that everyone is nice enough, but most people are with programs or living with friends or something. But there were a couple new girls who started today, both British, who are also here on their own. We traded info and talked about traveling somewhere together over a weekend. Also, a nice German girl and I bonded over our horror stories of Ecuadorian men. (Don´t worry, it´s actually not bad. A million times better than Italy. I only get the odd comment here or there. But yesterday I had my first real issue... there was this guy leaving CENIT at the same time as me, and I couldn´t really ignore him without being overly rude, since he is also working there or something. Unfortunately, apparently giving the time of day to an Ecuadorian guy givs them the right to stalk you. We both went to the train station and got on the same train. Fine. But then he followed me even when I tried to shake him by stopping to go to the store, and then getting on another train! He wants me to call him and give him English lessons. Right. Oh well, still beats the incessant catcalls and harassment in Italy.)

The one thing I could have done without today: Walking past a guy in the market carring a HUGE severed head of some kind... bull maybe? I didn´t exactly scrutinize it.

Plans for the weekend:
a) Vegetarian food festival!!!
b) Fix up my resume
c) get a cell phone, so that I have contact info for prospective employers.
d) Pictures!


  1. Las remolachas smell better than cooking las berzas.

  2. Did you consider the possibility that the stalker is really just a nice person interested in you? If he's working at CENIT he can't be all bad, right?

  3. Yeah he could just be one of those awkwrd and pathetic stalkers, not the creepy peek in your window kind. Wait, shouldn't your mother be more overprotective?
    Do you think the head might have been human?
    Need any resume tips?
    Yes, I know I misspelled awkward but I'm choosing to leave it in its original unaltered form for comic purposes (what a craaaazy combination of consonants!
    Yes, I know I didn't close that set of parentheses. I'm doing that intentionally to irritate katie.

  4. Linda: a beet, silly!

    Mom: Um, yeah. Just a nice guy. Who just happens to tell me that I´m pretty every other sentence. And just happens to be curious in¨"what I like in a man." Thanks for that quaint sentiment, but I think stalker is closer.

    Richard: (I´m still against "Rich." Although, it´s better than "Rico.") 1) see above 2) Definitely not human. And apparently not for eating. I´m talking giant cut it out and mount it on the wall kind of head. 3) Fortunately, I think I can do without resume tips this time around. Which means you and Katie can breathe a sigh of relief about now.

  5. There's nothing more awkwrd than leaving a set of parentheses open. Here, I'll close them for you: